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Guizhou comes in from the cold

[2013-01-29 00:03]

Political advisers called for central heating systems to be installed in urban Guizhou province when they gathered for the annual sessions of provincial legislators.

Hot debate on how to keep South warm

[2013-01-29 00:02]

Government-backed heating services to the south has been urged. But the question is: Where to find an energy source, and who will bear the costs of putting the heating facilities in place?

China hopes for less Huangyan disputes

[2013-01-28 21:22]

The current situation around the Huangyan Islands has remained stable and China hopes there are no more conflicts concerning the issue, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said Monday.

91% of Shanghai's job-related crime is corruption

[2013-01-28 20:42]

Corruption cases represented 91.3 percent of all job-related crime cases in Shanghai from 2008 to 2012, a member of the city's political advisory body said on Monday.

China to prioritize strategic ties with Russia

[2013-01-28 20:25]

The new Chinese leadership will prioritize the development of the comprehensive strategic partnership between Russia and China, a senior Chinese leader said on Monday.

Guangdong CPPCC member calls for more adoptions

[2013-01-28 20:23]

A member of the Guangdong committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference suggested individuals be encouraged to adopt orphans.

Li Bin reelected governor of Anhui province

[2013-01-28 19:54]

Li Bin was reelected governor of East China's Anhui province Monday at the first session of the 12th Anhui Provincial People's Congress, the provincial legislative body.

China sticks to talks in land issues

[2013-01-28 18:28]

Chinese top legislator Wu Bangguo said on Jan 28 that China will stick to peaceful negotiations in the efforts to settle historical land boundary issues with neighboring countries.

Shaanxi acting governor vows to raise incomes

[2013-01-28 17:29]

Deputies to Shaanxi provincial People's Congress have been told one of the main goals of the province in the next five years is to increase incomes of urban and rural people.

Education funding in Guangdong criticized

[2013-01-28 17:11]

Deputies of Guangdong's top legislature and members of the province's advisory body on Monday criticized the prosperous province for not investing sufficient money in educational resources.

Guangdong congress delegates voice spending hopes

[2013-01-28 17:07]

Some delegates to Guangdong provincial people's congress said they hope per capita government spending in the southern province can be raised to the national average.

Guangdong requires officials disclose assets

[2013-01-28 16:47]

More officials in South China's Guangdong province have been required to disclose their financial status as part of trials of a scheme combating corruption.

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