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China welcomes Japan's assistance to Africa

[2013-06-04 04:44]

China has been pleased to see Japan introduce cooperative initiatives with Africa and hopes the measures will aid Africa's peace and development.

China keeps nuclear power at lowest level

[2013-06-04 04:38]

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said Monday that China has always kept its nuclear power at the lowest level for its security needs.

China hopes to resolve trade dispute through talks

[2013-06-04 04:38]

Chinese Premier Li said that China hoped to resolve trade dispute with the European Union over the Chinese-made photovoltaic products through dialogue and consultation.

Japan politicians seek to mend ties

[2013-06-04 02:29]

Prominent visiting Japanese politicians are trying to mend ties despite Tokyo's hard-line position on China's Diaoyu Islands.

China willing to talk with US on cyber security

[2013-06-04 02:21]

China is willing to hold constructive discussions with the United States on cyber security, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said at a Monday press briefing.

Warhead stockpile 'defensive'

[2013-06-04 02:21]

Beijing hopes the outside world will not make wild guesses about China's limited nuclear capacity.
China keeps nuclear power at lowest level
China to adhere to nuclear power development

China, SE Asia to boost contacts

[2013-06-04 02:09]

People-to-people contacts are the way to boost regional cooperation and promote peace, participants in the China-Southeast Asia High-level People-to-People Dialogue agreed.

Xi offers Caribbean nations support

[2013-06-04 01:54]

President Xi Jinping vowed continued support for the Caribbean region as he met a group of Caribbean leaders in Trinidad and Tobago.

First lady turns on the charm, impresses hosts

[2013-06-04 01:06]

Not many first ladies are greeted by their own signature tunes when they travel abroad. But Peng Liyuan, the wife of President Xi Jinping, is an exception.

Closer trade ties with China

[2013-06-04 01:05]

Latin American and Caribbean countries should diversify their commerce by further cooperating with China to reduce dependence on the United States.

Xi's visit set to give boost for regional tourism

[2013-06-04 01:05]

President Xi Jinping's state visits will help countries in the Caribbean region draw Chinese tourists, yet those countries still need to make more of an effort to tap the Chinese market.

Chinese, Costa Rican presidents discuss bilateral co-op

[2013-06-03 23:48]

Visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping met his Costa Rican counterpart Laura Chinchilla Monday for talks on the development of bilateral ties.
Xi offers Caribbean nations support
Xi's visit set to give boost for regional tourism

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