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Xi's speech underlines commitment to reform

[2013-07-28 22:01]

Experts have lauded comments by Chinese President Xi Jinping earlier this week as reinforcing the leadership's commitment to reform.

China abolishes administrative approval items

[2013-07-27 08:49]

The State Council will eliminate several administrative examination approval items, according to a directive signed by Premier Li Keqiang.

President Xi meets Shenzhou X astronauts

[2013-07-26 21:50]

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday met astronauts and scientists who participated in the Shenzhou X mission, extending congratulations to the success of the mission.

VP mourns Chinese fallen fighters in DPRK

[2013-07-26 19:29]

Chinese Vice-President Li Yuanchao on Friday visited the Korea-China Friendship Tower and the cemetery of the fallen Chinese fighters in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) to mourn the dead in the Korean War.

China continues to pursue dream of peace

[2013-07-26 14:21]

China will continue to pursue a dream of peace and stay firmly on the path of peaceful development, a senior Chinese military official said Thursday.

Supreme procuratorate solicits opinions from legislators, advisers

[2013-07-26 11:48]

Procurator-General of the Supreme People's Procuratorate (SPP) Cao Jianming said Wednesday that more opinions should be collected from the public in order to boost the procuratorate's credibility.

Policeman beaten by Chengguan, gun pulled

[2013-07-26 11:42]

A policeman in Qinghai province claims he was beaten by Chengguan, or urban management officers, while investigating a report they were beating people.

Flights over sea 'routine training'

[2013-07-26 08:21]

Beijing on Thursday dismissed Japan's complaints of a Chinese military aircraft flying through international airspace near Japan's southern islands, saying it was not the first time a Chinese aircraft had conducted legal training in the western Pacific.

Bo indictment shows CPC's stance on corruption

[2013-07-26 03:01]

The public prosecution against Bo Xilai shows the clear-cut stance and strong determination of the Communist Party of China (CPC) to root out corruption.
Bo Xilai indicted for corruption

Bo Xilai indicted for corruption

[2013-07-26 00:05]

Bo Xilai, former Party chief of Chongqing, has been charged with taking bribes, embezzlement and abuse of power, according to the Jinan People's Procuratorate in Shandong province.

1,500 troops to attend China-Russia joint drills

[2013-07-25 20:01]

The spokesman for China's Defense Ministry said Thursday that China and Russia will send over 1,500 troops to attend joint counter-terrorism drills slated for later this week.

Chinese peacekeeping force returns from S Sudan

[2013-07-25 12:00]

A peacekeeping team returned to China from South Sudan on Thursday after an eight-month UN mission.

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