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Holiday bride stuck in traffic weds over airwaves

[2014-10-08 07:41]

Bride Yan Mengxia's big day turned into a nightmare when she became stuck in heavy traffic on the way to her wedding during the National Day holiday.

Multiple weddings pose priority challenges

[2014-10-08 07:41]

The wave of weddings during the National Day holiday is presenting dilemmas for young workers.

Zhuhai residents favor one-dog limit, survey finds

[2014-10-08 07:41]

Households in the Zhuhai special economic zone in Guangdong province will soon be banned from keeping more than one pet dog, if a draft city regulation takes effect.

High-tech system exposes jaywalkers who ignore red light

[2014-10-08 07:41]

Pedestrians who cross the road when the light is red now risk the embarrassment of having their pictures displayed publicly on a screen.

Xinjiang Corps to step up fight against evil forces

[2014-10-08 07:14]

A specialized paramilitary force is to play a more important and irreplaceable strategic role in fighting separatism, extremism and terrorism in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

Corps shifts role from border defense

[2014-10-08 07:13]

The Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps is altering its focus from frontier defense to maintaining social stability as China builds good relations with its neighbors to the west, according to Cheng Jiazhu, deputy commander of the corps, which is marking its 60th anniversary.

Long-missing vice-mayor arrested

[2014-10-08 04:26]

The vice-mayor of Luoyang, Henan province, has been detained by police and will be transferred to prosecutors amid allegations that he was involved in corruption and abuse of power.

Hopes high for Li's visit to Germany

[2014-10-08 03:11]

Business leaders expect Premier Li Keqiang's visit to Germany to show that China's sustainable development strategy can produce greater opportunities.

Many voices call for end to protest

[2014-10-06 10:27]

As cracks widened among protesters in Hong Kong, government and community leaders called on the crowds to abandon their blockades of trunk roads and government headquarters buildings for the sake of personal safety and the greater good of the public.

Li's European tour aims pragmatic cooperation

[2014-10-04 09:56]

Observers expect Premier Li Keqiang's upcoming trip could greatly promote the pragmatic cooperation between China and Europe and propel the Asia-Europe dialogue.

Chinese premier to visit Europe

[2014-10-03 16:23]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang will visit Germany, Russia, Italy and the UN Food and Agricultural Organization(FAO) headquarters from Oct 9 to 15.

Chinese FM urges advancement of new type of China-US relations

[2014-10-03 14:37]

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Wednesday expressed the hope that China and the United States would enhance mutual trust, expand cooperation and avoid misjudgment.

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