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Premier Li: China to further expand market access for foreign investors

[2015-09-20 13:54]

Premier Li Keqiang said China will continue to welcome more foreign investors to participate in emerging industries in China.

China's anti-graft body to supervise more central organs

[2015-09-20 13:45]

China's top anti-graft body will set up offices in more central authority departments this year to strengthen supervision, Xinhua learned on Sunday.

China, ASEAN launch cross-border e-commerce platform

[2015-09-19 19:38]

China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) launched a cross-border e-commerce platform on Saturday during the 12th China-ASEAN Business and Investment Summit in Nanning.

Vice premier stresses good mapping of 13th Five-Year Plan

[2015-09-19 19:34]

Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli said more work should be done on the 13th Five-Year Plan, China's development blueprint for years from 2016 to 2020.

Official disputes pledge claims

[2015-09-19 17:19]

A senior official on Friday disputed a report in The New York Times that China has urged US tech companies to comply with China's control over cyberspace.

China makes progress fighting domestic, international cyber crime

[2015-09-19 07:30]

Chinese police have made notable progress in fighting cyber crimes at home and through international cooperation, according to the Ministry of Public Security on Friday.

Benefits system for disabled to start in 2016

[2015-09-19 07:13]

So far 27 provinces have established their own systems, either for disabled people living in poverty or those who are severely disabled.

Xi says China open to foreign media, eyeing closer co-op with US

[2015-09-18 23:49]

President Xi Jinping on Friday said China will continue to be open to foreign media and he looks forward to more cooperation and understanding between China and the United States.

Chinese premier meets with French finance minister

[2015-09-18 22:43]

Premier Li Keqiang met with French Finance Minister Michel Sapin in Beijing, vowing to improve China-France cooperation.

Premier Li's promotion of information disclosure

[2015-09-18 21:39]

A reporter from Hong Kong's Cable TV, Chan Yuen-tung, decided to intercept Premier Li Keqiang and ask him a question.

Senior military officials urge carrying on V-Day parade morale

[2015-09-18 21:34]

Senior military officials urged the country's service men and women to translate morale raised by the V-Day parade to contributions to a strong military.

China, France hold high-level economic, financial dialogue

[2015-09-18 20:57]

China and France held their third High-Level Economic and Financial Dialogue (HED) Friday in Beijing, agreeing to strengthen cooperation in the fields of nuclear energy, finance, aviation and space, as well as partnership in third-party markets.

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