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China lifts lid on PLA

[2014-07-31 09:41]

In an effort to boost transparency and win trust of other countries,China has published more detailed information than ever before on the structure of its armed forces, reported Washington Post.

Japan lawmaker charged with drug trafficking

[2014-07-31 06:56]

The Guangzhou Intermediate People's Procuratorate confirmed on Wednesday that it is filing charges against a Japanese legislator for allegedly smuggling drugs.

China again urges nationals to leave Libya

[2014-07-31 07:41]

China on Wednesday again urged its nationals to leave Libya immediately citing the deteriorating security situation.

Xi urged hukou reform in 2001 PhD paper

[2014-07-31 07:03]

A PhD dissertation written by President Xi Jinping 13 years ago, in which he urged reform of the hukou, or household registration system, was made public on Wednesday.

China slams US report on its religious status

[2014-07-30 21:31]

China on Wednesday expressed "firm opposition" to a US report about China's religious situation.

Opinion: Zhou's probe cautions against taking chances with law, discipline

[2014-07-30 21:15]

The announcement of the investigation of former senior official Zhou Yongkang has revealed the courage and resolution of the CPC to purify itself.

Authority vows punishments if thief's accusations true

[2014-07-30 19:30]

The provincial discipline committee of Anhui province said two officials accused by a thief of having a large amount of prepaid shopping cards and expensive gifts, will be punished if they were involved in corruption.

Office group goes west to support Silk Road

[2014-07-30 19:06]

Serviced office giant Regus has expanded into the Northwest to help promote the development of the Silk Road economic belt.

Zhou's fall from grace is front page news

[2014-07-30 17:24]

People's Daily carried a story on Zhou Yongkang from Xinhua News Agency and published below it a comment entitled "To govern the Communist Party of China strictly and stand unswervingly". The comment said the Party has no privileged members.

Senior political advisor of Liaoning removed from post

[2014-07-30 15:56]

Chen Tiexin, a senior political advisor of northeast China's Liaoning Province, has been removed from his post for suspected serious discipline and law violations.

Guangdong reassigns 866 'naked officials'

[2014-07-30 15:08]

The provincial Party committee of Guangdong has reassigned 866 "naked officials" recently, the committee's organization department was quoted as saying by People's Daily on Tuesday.

Oil shares soar on news of Zhou's fall from grace

[2014-07-30 14:01]

Following former security chief Zhou Yongkang is being investigated on suspicion of “serious disciplinary violations”, PetroChina Co Ltd led a rally of oil stocks in morning trading on Wednesday.

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