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Supreme People's Court creates microblog, WeChat account

[2013-11-22 07:45]

The Supreme People's Court (SPC) of China on Thursday created official accounts on Sina Weibo and WeChat, two of the country's leading social media tools, marking its efforts to promote judicial transparency.

Evidence gained by torture banned

[2013-11-22 01:45]

Evidence obtained through torture and other improper interrogation methods will not be allowed in trials, according to senior judges of China's top court.

Blueprint tightens EU links

[2013-11-22 00:28]

China and the European Union announced a grand plan for cooperation until 2020 on Thursday and started talks on an investment protocol, mapping out the blueprint for the key relationship in coming years.
Economic opportunity beckoning

China conducts test flight of stealth drone

[2013-11-22 02:13]

A Chinese stealth unmanned combat aerial vehicle had its maiden flight on Thursday, photos taken by military fans revealed.

Former public security bureau chief stands trial

[2013-11-21 21:15]

A former district public security bureau chief in Chengdu, Sichuan province, stood trial in the city’s Qingbaijiang district court on Wednesday.

China bans public funded gifts during holidays

[2013-11-21 21:13]

Chinese officials are not to exchange gifts such as fireworks and firecrackers bought with public funds, during the New Year and Spring Festival holidays.

China's oil co-op with Iran transparent: spokesman

[2013-11-21 20:39]

China's oil cooperation with Iran is transparent, open and reasonable, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said on Thursday.

China-Europe strategic plan unprecedented: Li

[2013-11-21 19:51]

Premier Li Keqiang Thursday described a plan for bilateral co-op between China and Europe as "unprecedented". The two sides will talk on an investment protocol and eye $1 trillion trade volume.

Official pinpoints China's tax priorities

[2013-11-21 19:43]

A Chinese official on Thursday set out the major tasks ahead for a taxation system which aspires to serve development and social equity.

China dismisses US naval report

[2013-11-21 19:13]

China on Thursday criticized a US congressional report which called for a bigger US naval presence in the Asia-Pacific to offset China's growing influence.

Chinese, EU leaders hold annual summit

[2013-11-21 18:56]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and leaders from the European Union kicked off an annual meeting Thursday in Beijing to work out a blueprint for bilateral ties in the coming years as the two sides prepare to start talks on an investment protocol.

China sees opportunity to resolve Iran nuclear issue

[2013-11-21 18:47]

China on Thursday called for relevant parties to seize the current opportunity to achieve the best possible result in a nuclear dialogue with Iran.

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