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Sino-ASEAN degree recognition in the works

[2013-10-13 08:21]

Malaysian student Winnie Tan realizes she is in a fortunate position as the degree she earned at Peking University is also recognized in her home country.

China on track to rail link with neighbors

[2013-10-13 08:21]

China has been steadily pushing rail to connect the world's second-largest economy with its neighbors in Southeast Asia, and it is taking a practical approach to realizing the goal, industry insiders said.

Better Thai railways could create better ties

[2013-10-13 08:21]

Should Thailand immediately upgrade its railway? Every Thai I asked gave an absolute "Yes".

Fast track relations for rail

[2013-10-13 08:20]

Working together on high-speed trains may be the next step up for Sino-Thai relations as the topic takes on importance in discussions between Premier Li and Thailand Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra.
Link with neighbors with 3 rail lines
Better Thai railways could create better ties
Railway co-op to boost interconnectivity
Li vows to enhance amity
Visa exemption to promote exchanges
Sino-ASEAN degree recognition in the works

China to shut coal mines in safety overhaul

[2013-10-13 05:43]

The Chinese government has pledged to close more unqualified and dangerous coal mines by 2015 as the country strives to improve its alarming safety record.

Visa exemption to promote China-Thailand exchanges: Chinese premier

[2013-10-13 03:38]

Proposed visa exemption for regular passport holders will offer Chinese and Thai tourists more convenience, and promote closer bilateral people-to-people exchanges, Premier Li said Saturday.

Thai Chinese help promote China-Thailand ties: Premier Li

[2013-10-13 03:02]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang hailed Saturday the Thai Chinese community's contribution to the development of the Southeast Asian nation and the China-Thailand cooperation of mutual benefit.

China-Thailand railway cooperation to boost regional interconnectivity: Premier Li

[2013-10-13 02:46]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said Saturday that enhancing China-Thailand railway cooperation would bolster regional interconnectivity and benefit the two nations and the reigon at large.

Bruneian, Thai media laud Chinese premier's visit

[2013-10-13 01:04]

Bruneian and Thai media have hailed Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's visit to their country, saying it promoted common prosperity and development.

Govt function reform China's top priority

[2013-10-12 21:37]

An important meeting of the Communist Party of China in November will be a springboard for major national reforms, with governmental function expected to be one of the main targets.

NASA ban on Chinese scientists 'improper'

[2013-10-12 21:17]

US space agency NASA's decision to exclude Chinese scientists from an upcoming science conference was "improper".

Li vows to enhance amity between China, Thailand

[2013-10-12 20:13]

Premier Li Keqiang pledged on Saturday to pass down the traditional "familial affection" between his country and Thailand from generation to generation.

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