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Central govt to ensure policies enforced locally

[2014-07-17 07:05]

The central government has sent several inspection groups to see whether national policies are carried out at the grassroots level, a move aimed at tackling difficulties in enforcement.

Japan's opposition leader visits Beijing, vows candid talks

[2014-07-17 07:05]

Japan's main opposition leader vowed on Wednesday to carry out a candid conversation with Beijing to improve ties, which were further strained recently over Japan's new military policy.

Oil rig finishes exploratory drilling near Xisha Islands

[2014-07-17 04:30]

Beijing has announced the successful conclusion of an oil rig's exploratory drilling at a site in the South China Sea that has witnessed more than 1,500 incidents of Vietnam sending ships to harass operations.

China lodges protest with Britain over HK affairs

[2014-07-16 21:51]

China lodges solemn protests with Britain over the meetings between high-ranking British officials and the Hong Kong opposition.

Prosecutors strengthen hunt for corrupt officials abroad

[2014-07-16 17:11]

Prosecuting departments will strengthen law enforcement cooperation with relevant countries and step up the hunt for corrupt officials who have fled abroad.

China sets agenda on govt vehicle use

[2014-07-16 17:05]

China's central authorities on Wednesday released a guideline to reform the supply and use of government vehicles in an effort to cut hefty spending.

Xi Jinping encourages Youth Games volunteers

[2014-07-16 16:44]

Chinese President Xi Jinping has encouraged volunteers of the upcoming Nanjing 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games to fully display their youthfulness and passion.

Officer confesses Japanese army used bacteria on civilians in WWII

[2014-07-16 16:13]

A written confession from a Japanese officer in World War II, made public Wednesday, confirmed that the Japanese army used typhoid and cholera bacteria on civilians during their invasion of China.

China, France exchange copter landing experience in naval drills

[2014-07-16 15:09]

Haikou, missile frigate Yueyang and French frigate Prairial were training for water landings around Hawaii between July 12 and 14.

Chinese FM confirms drilling off Xisha completed

[2014-07-16 13:57]

A drilling operation by the HYSY 981 rig has been completed off a Xisha island in the South China Sea, China's Foreign Ministry confirmed on Wednesday.

Former SW China official expelled from CPC for disciplinary violations

[2014-07-16 11:03]

The Communist Party of China (CPC) on Wednesday expelled a former senior official from southwest China's Yunnan Province for "serious disciplinary violations", the Party's disciplinary watchdog said.

Former Jiangxi senior official expelled from Party

[2014-07-16 11:03]

Zhao Zhiyong, a former senior official in East China's Jiangxi province, has been stripped of Party membership for serious discipline violation, the discipline watchdog of the Communist Party of China (CPC) said Wednesday.

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