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Chinese premier meets HK, Macao chief executives

[2014-12-26 15:15]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang met in Beijing with Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying on Friday.

Ten high-level executives under investigation

[2014-12-26 07:22]

As China steps up its anti-graft drive, a swathe of Chinese CEOs and corporate chairmen have come under investigation of allegedly conducting bribery activities and embezzlement.

Lawmakers underline proper regulation, protection of overseas NGOs

[2014-12-26 10:09]

Chinese lawmakers on Thursday urged both proper regulation of overseas nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in China and protection of their legal rights.

Chinese military to build modern command headquarters

[2014-12-26 10:08]

China's Central Military Commission (CMC) publicized a guideline promoting the construction of modernized command headquarters.

Military to step up anti-graft campaign

[2014-12-26 08:00]

The military pledged to step up its extensive anti-corruption drive on Thursday, shortly after China's top military body finished a yearlong campaign against graft across the nation's military area commands.

'Anti-graft' fight is hottest online topic

[2014-12-26 03:59]

The fight against corruption that have been speeded up since the start of the year.has become one of the hottest online topics this year in China.

China warns US against judicial interference

[2014-12-25 22:05]

China on Thursday rebuffed the US demands to release Liu Xiaobo and warned the country not to infringe upon its judicial sovereignty and independence.

Premier Li calls for robust auditing

[2014-12-25 21:06]

Major government-funded projects will top the task list of national auditors in 2015, in a bid to make sure pro-growth policies are fully operated at the grassroots to support economic expansion, Premier Li Keqiang said after meeting auditors in Beijing on Thursday.

China warns officials against excess during holidays

[2014-12-25 20:58]

The central authorities have warned officials to rein in spending and luxury gifts during a season known for over consumption.

New CPC roadmap optimizes party leadership structure

[2014-12-25 20:05]

The new roadmap of the Communist Party of China (CPC) to improve leadership at various levels introduces measures to break down age barriers and welcome more people from diverse backgrounds.

Watchdogs to be deployed in all top central govt bodies

[2014-12-25 08:30]

Supervision officers are to be deployed at all central Party and government organizations to intensify the campaign against corruption.

China's president was busy in 2014 building global cooperation

[2014-12-25 07:58]

China has gathered a rich diplomatic harvest over the past year: maritime tension eased, the APEC meeting in Beijing was a renowned success and leaders traveled extensively with initiatives further linking China and the world.

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