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Typhoon Goni to hit NE China

[2015-08-25 17:28]

'Double standards' criticized

[2015-08-25 07:34]

Experts said that China's island reclamation in the South China Sea is well-founded, and the United States has adopted double standards on the issue.

Air pollution law in line for legislators' approval

[2015-08-25 07:20]

The national legislative body is reviewing the third draft of the Air Pollution Control Law, which tightens controls on emissions from vehicles and vessels and is expected to be passed this week.

Shorter terms wouldn't apply in serious cases of corruption

[2015-08-25 07:19]

China is considering stricter legislation to block felons convicted of corruption from seeking to shorten their sentences as part of its nationwide campaign to build a clean government.

China's first draft law on domestic violence reviewed

[2015-08-25 07:17]

Victims of domestic violence would be able to apply to courts for protection and the courts would be required to hear such applications, under China's first draft law covering the issue.

Prisoners in line to be granted special amnesties

[2015-08-25 07:14]

Four categories of inmates who were sentenced before Jan 1 and who do not pose a threat to society will be granted the special amnesty.

China reaffirms non-acceptance of arbitration on S.China Sea: FM

[2015-08-25 00:10]

China on Monday reiterated that it will not accept nor participate in the arbitral proceedings unilaterally initiated by the Philippines.

China first legislates against domestic violence

[2015-08-24 18:00]

Chinese legislators are working on a law specifically on domestic violence that highlights prevention and introduces habeas corpus.

Driving restriction taken out from draft amendment

[2015-08-24 16:13]

Clauses authorizing local governments to restrict or ban vehicles to clean up air have been deleted from the draft amendment to the Air Pollution Control Law tabled to China's top legislature for deliberation on Monday.

No commutation for most corrupt figures: proposal

[2015-08-24 16:11]

Seriously corrupt figures that have been given two-year suspended death sentences will face life imprisonment after the two years, if China adopts a proposal submitted to its top legislature on Monday.

Top legislature starts bi-monthly session, domestic violence on agenda

[2015-08-24 16:00]

China's top legislature started its bi-monthly session Monday to review a set of draft law amendments, including anti-domestic violence legislation.

China pension fund allowed to invest in stock market

[2015-08-23 18:03]

China published the final guideline on investment for the country's pension fund, effectively opening the gate for more diversified and riskier products.

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