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China calls for immediate ceasefire in Gaza

[2014-07-19 08:16]

A Chinese envoy on Friday urged Israel and Palestine to immediately achieve a ceasefire, avoid any military ground operations and other actions that may lead to further escalation in the Gaza Strip.

China appoints special envoy for Afghan affairs

[2014-07-18 21:36]

Sun Yuxi, a Chinese diplomat, has been appointed as the Foreign Ministry's special envoy for Afghan affairs, said ministry spokesman Hong Lei in press release on Friday.

Former national political advisor under bribery probe

[2014-07-18 19:33]

Yang Gang, formerly a national political advisor, is being investigated for allegedly taking bribes, according to a Friday statement from the Supreme People's Procuratorate.

Former vice governor of Hainan under investigation

[2014-07-18 18:30]

Former vice governor of south China's Hainan province Ji Wenlin is under investigation for allegedly taking bribes.

China orders its aircraft to avoid eastern Ukraine airspace

[2014-07-18 11:06]

Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) on Friday ordered Chinese aircraft flying over Ukraine to avoid eastern Ukraine airspace following the crash of a Malaysia Airlines plane in that region.

China stokes plans for railway in S. America

[2014-07-18 07:07]

China is laying the tracks for the further development of Latin America and boosting relations with the region following President Xi Jinping's proposal for a Peru-Brazil transcontinental railway and the signing of a China-Brazil rail agreement.

Anti-corruption campaign enters new stage

[2014-07-18 08:58]

Ten provinces and cities have been listed in the next round of the Chinese government's anti-corruption inspection.

China urges U.S. not to abuse trade system

[2014-07-17 13:31]

China's commerce minister urged the United States not to abuse the global trade system by imposing duties on Chinese goods to protect its own economy, following a rebuke to Washington by the WTO.

Xi proposes trilateral work group on transcontinental S. American railway

[2014-07-17 01:11]

President Xi Jinping suggested that Peru and Brazil join China in forming a work group about a planned railway across the continent.

Govt's car reform to boost domestic brands

[2014-07-17 07:05]

Major reforms concerning the use of government vehicles will bring a mild boost to the sales of cars and help Chinese auto brands in the future to get a bigger share of government car purchases.

Beijing: No external reasons for oil rig relocation

[2014-07-17 09:05]

The Chinese government says a decision by the China National Petroleum Corporation to end its test drilling near the Xisha Islands has nothing to do with Vietnam.

Xi 'fully confident' in future of BRICS

[2014-07-17 07:05]

Leaders at summit call for 'equitable' global governance

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