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China's new draft law redefines 'terrorism', regulates media coverage

[2015-12-22 07:18]

The new definition covers assertations or activities that infringe personal and property rights with political and ideological purposes.

China's bank network to connect with Supreme Court

[2015-12-21 22:00]

All financial institutions in China are required to have their inner network connected with the Supreme People's Court (SPC) by the end of December.

Chinese deputy mayor fired for playing golf

[2015-12-21 21:59]

A deputy mayor in South China's Fujian province has been removed from his post for playing golf, the anti-graft authority of the Communist Party of China (CPC) revealed Monday, among other cases.

China vows to further open up to the world

[2015-12-21 21:27]

China will continue to improve its opening up to the outside world, according to a statement issued Monday after a key economic policy meeting.

Lawmakers weigh China's draft counterterrorism law

[2015-12-21 20:21]

Lawmakers on Monday began reviewing draft legislation on the nation's first counterterrorism law.

China considers amending wildlife law to stress habitat protection

[2015-12-21 20:15]

China's top legislature is deliberating an amended draft wildlife law focused on habitat protection.

Draft law against domestic violence to include psychological harm, cover cohabitation

[2015-12-21 20:13]

China's first domestic violence law may include emotional or psychological abuse and cover cohabitation in order to protect traditionally silent abuse victims, a new draft reads.

China urges Philippines to abandon illusions on S China Sea case

[2015-12-21 19:00]

China reiterated that it does not accept nor will it participate in the Philippines's South China Sea arbitration, urging the country to give up illusions and return to negotiations.

Revised draft tightens regulation on wildlife protection

[2015-12-21 11:10]

The revised draft tightens regulation on illegal purchase and consumption of wildlife. It said buying and eating wildlife and related products should follow laws and regulations as well as social customs.

Mental violence likely to be included in new draft law

[2015-12-21 10:27]

Legislators are considering toinclude mental violence in the anti-domestic violence draft law, which was submitted to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, China's top legislature, for the second review on Monday.

US flight near islands 'serious military provocation': Chinese defense ministry

[2015-12-19 16:21]

China on Saturday said the flight of two B-52 strategic bombers over the area near the Nansha Islands was a serious military provocation and such actions must be prevented.

China's cooperation with LatAm, Africa a benefit, not threat: experts

[2015-12-19 15:52]

Cooperation between China and countries in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean is founded on mutual benefit, not European-style neocolonialism, Ecuadorian officials and experts said.

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