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Guangdong gets tough on sex trade

[2014-03-06 08:21]

A senior Party leader from Guangdong province vowed on Wednesday to take tougher action against prostitution and crimes linked to the sex trade as the southern economic powerhouse continues its three-month crackdown on prostitution.

Li calls for leaner, more responsible government

[2014-03-06 08:21]

Premier Li Keqiang said on Wednesday that governments at all levels should continue to practice frugality, reduce waste and tighten their belts.

The nine major tasks 2014

[2014-03-06 08:21]

Reform is the top buzzword for China in 2014. China will deepen reforms in a number of fields.

French envoy sees 'fantastic' opportunity in China relations

[2014-03-06 08:21]

The ongoing reforms being carried out by China's top leadership and the country's growing influence on the scene of international affairs will continue to create positive momentum in its cooperation with Europe including France, a senior French politician and diplomat said.

A sobering look into the crystal ball

[2014-03-06 08:21]

"We interrupt live coverage of the Mars mission launch from Dongfeng to go to Beijing for the Oscars ceremony. As viewers are no doubt aware, this is the first time the award ceremony has been held outside the US. Nominated for best films for 2024, both sequels to the 2014 films, were American Bustle and Newton's Law. But the award-winning film for 2024 is Dalian, a story based around an oil executive and his family. It claims to put the oil into romantic turmoil. Also an Oscar first this year is that robots, instead of humans, have been nominated best actor and actress. Three of the five nominated robots, and two supporting robots, were made in China. Film formats have changed from 10 years ago and have lost the plot, literally, as viewers can select their own endings. The Oscars have taken this into account, and also for the first time, are allowing viewers to select their favorites."

Taxpayers getting their money's worth

[2014-03-06 08:21]

As a veteran reporter of the annual legislative and political advisory sessions, I consider the two sessions a big political gala.

Don't label terrorism as 'ethnic': adviser

[2014-03-06 08:21]

Cases like the deadly attack in Kunming should be handled in a way that avoids linking a terrorist assault with an "ethnic issue".

No need for nerves over China's defense spending

[2014-03-05 20:13]

Chinese authorities on Wednesday announced the fastest yearly growth in the country's defense budget in three years.

Concerns about military spending 'misplaced'

[2014-03-05 17:16]

To portray China as a threat because of its raised defense budget is nonsensical, says a Xinhua report addressing concerns over the issue.

Premier Li opens NPC with strong first report

[2014-03-05 13:13]

Reform, anti-corruption, fight against pollution and streamlined administration are among highlights of Premier Li's government work report.

Premier Li opens NPC with strong first report

[2014-03-05 08:30]

China targets economic growth of around 7.5% in 2014, and will "declare war" on pollution, go after corruption "without mercy" and crack down on terrorism.

Roundup of two sessions

[2014-03-05 08:33]

Both print and online media closely monitor the two sessions, one of the biggest political events in China.

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