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An untested Trump may add friction

[2016-12-19 07:11]

Donald Trump's inexperience might lead to more confrontations between both countries as well as fissures between US and its allies.

China further restricts mobility of court order defaulters

[2016-12-18 14:16]

People who have failed to fulfill court orders will be unable to travel by plane, sleeper train, or first-class coaches on high-speed trains with their passports in China, according to the Supreme People's Court.

Police issue top-level wanted notice for theft, robbery, fraud suspects

[2016-12-18 08:02]

The Ministry of Public Security on Saturday publicized a wanted list of ten major criminal suspects linked to theft, robbery, and fraud, appealing for information on their whereabouts.

China to return underwater drone to US in appropriate manner

[2016-12-18 06:51]

China will hand over an underwater US drone captured by a naval vessel this week in the South China Sea, Chinese Defense Ministry spokesperson Yang Yujun said.

Chinese peacekeeping troops ready for South Sudan mission

[2016-12-17 10:42]

A new 700-member Chinese United Nations peacekeeping infantry battalion will be in place in South Sudan within a week, China's Defense Ministry said on Friday.

Ex-official Ling Zhengce jailed for corruption

[2016-12-17 07:04]

Ling Zhengce, a former senior political adviser of Shanxi province, was sentenced at a local court on Friday to 12 and a half years in prison for taking bribes.

China to evaluate local governments on water pollution

[2016-12-16 21:57]

China issued rules Friday on review of local governments' prevention and treatment of water pollution in the next four years.

Ex-official jailed for bribery

[2016-12-16 07:45]

Qiu He, former deputy Party chief in Yunnan province, has been convicted of bribery and sentenced to 14 years and six months in jail, according to a court in Guizhou province.

Island defenses 'legitimate, legal'

[2016-12-16 07:44]

Beijing said on Thursday that necessary military measures on the Nansha Islands are mainly for defense, citing a high-profile foreign military presence right "outside the front door", an apparent reference to the United States.

Air Force's patrols to continue over East, South China seas

[2016-12-16 07:44]

The People's Liberation Army Air Force will continue to carry out combat-ready patrols above the East China Sea and South China Sea and long-distance training operations, said Air Force spokesman Senior Colonel Shen Jinke.

Cases involving misuse of poverty relief funds rising

[2016-12-16 07:45]

Between January and October, 8,888 officials were investigated for alleged corruption

World political figures back one-China policy

[2016-12-16 07:44]

Senior political figures worldwide have voiced support for the widely accepted one-China principle after the policy was challenged by US president-elect Donald Trump.

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