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Tech bans to be relaxed: US

[2013-12-21 01:05]

The US said on Friday it will "actively" carry out a plan to lift bans on high-tech exports to China, a long-term irritant in economic ties between the world’s two largest economies.

Vice minister of public security under probe

[2013-12-20 20:52]

China's Vice Minister of Public Security Li Dongsheng is under investigation for "suspected serious law and discipline violations," the Communist Party's discipline watchdog said on Friday.

Corrupt south China politico imprisoned

[2013-12-20 20:09]

A former political advisor of Shenzhen City was sentenced to 14 years behind bars for bribery and holding illegal weapons by a court in south China's Guangdong Province on Friday.

Discipline complaints down 21.4% in Guangzhou

[2013-12-20 19:53]

The discipline inspection authority in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province, has received 6,800 complaints in the first 11 months of the year, down 21.4 percent year-on-year, the authority said on Friday.

China, Israel agree to further all-round cooperation

[2013-12-20 13:51]

China and Israel agreed on Thursday to further strengthen their all-round cooperation, including facilitating people-to-people exchange, labor exports and technology transfer between the two countries.

China, US annual trade talks begin

[2013-12-20 12:34]

Annual trade talks between China and the US started on Friday in an effort to address trade frictions and build a foundation for the new model of relations.

More help on way for foreign media

[2013-12-20 02:50]

More press releases and interviews will be organized by the central government next year to help the work of overseas media correspondents, a senior publicity official said on Thursday.

Beijing vows to boost Bolivia infrastructure

[2013-12-20 02:24]

Bolivia said on Thursday that it welcomes more Chinese companies in the Latin American country, promising a better investment environment.

'Mutual interests beat differences'

[2013-12-20 01:08]

Economic ties are a "ballast" for overall China-US relations, Premier Li Keqiang said on Thursday, despite recent maritime tensions.

New envoy 'must find right mix'

[2013-12-20 00:13]

Max Baucus, expected to be nominated as the next US ambassador to China, will have to play a balancing act between implementing Washington's policies and addressing Beijing's concerns over its strategic interests, observers said.

Vice Premier stresses carrying cultural essence abroad

[2013-12-20 00:07]

Vice Premier Liu Yandong on Thursday called on arts workers to carry forward the essence of Chinese culture and create masterpieces to stand the test of time.

China's fancy funerals go up in smoke

[2013-12-19 23:55]

Chinese officials have been told to set an example through civilized and frugal funerals, in the latest anti-extravagance offensive.

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