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S China province deepens government reform

[2012-12-28 22:23]

China's top legislature on Friday adopted a draft decision authorizing the southern province of Guangdong to bypass several laws while carrying out temporary administrative reforms.

Vice FM issues proposal to promote Sino-US ties

[2012-12-28 22:13]

China's Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Zhijun on Friday put forward a four-point proposal to promote Sino-U.S. ties.

Chen Min'er appointed acting governor of Guizhou

[2012-12-28 19:35]

Chen Min'er was appointed as the acting governor and vice governor of southwest China's Guizhou Province on Friday.

Beijing dismisses claims regarding legitimate national interests

[2012-12-28 19:10]

Beijing on Friday dismissed claims that China has been "assertive" and "a threat" when upholding its legitimate national interests, saying that such allegations either harbor ulterior motives or are ill-informed.

US objectivity needed on Asia-Pacific, says China

[2012-12-28 19:09]

A senior Chinese official on Friday urged the United States to take an objective and impartial position on Asia-Pacific affairs.

China to work for peaceful resolution of disputes

[2012-12-28 19:04]

Beijing on Friday said it favors peaceful settlement of international disputes and regional issues, and will work vigorously to achieve this.

Overcome difficulties in ties, China urges Japan

[2012-12-28 17:44]

Beijing on Friday urged the new Japanese government to overcome difficulties in its relations with China.

Top legislature to elect new President in March

[2012-12-28 16:59]

China's new President will be elected in March on the top legislature's annual meeting.

China appoints new police chief

[2012-12-28 16:58]

China's top legislature on Friday appointed Guo Shengkun as minister of public security, replacing Meng Jianzhu.

Online info rules adopted to protect privacy

[2012-12-28 16:04]

The rules require Internet users to identify themselves to service providers when signing web access agreement. Internet privacy law 'timely, necessary'

Xi vows to boost UN cooperation, equality

[2012-12-28 03:08]

China pledged on Thursday to continue enhancing cooperation with the United Nations to promote justice and equality in the world.

New transport aircraft boosts military drive

[2012-12-28 03:08]

The Ministry of National Defense confirmed on Thursday that a large transport aircraft is being developed as part of the military's modernization drive.

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