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Fishery vessel sent to East China Sea

[2012-12-11 19:06]

A 5,800-ton fishery patrol ship, China's largest fishery patrol vessel, began patrolling the waters of the East China Sea on Dec 11 in Shanghai.

China pledges more contribution to world peace

[2012-12-11 04:49]

Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi on Monday addressed an event for foreign diplomats and representatives of international agencies and said that China will work with other nations toward world peace and development.

Advice sought from foreign experts

[2012-12-11 03:13]

China will continue to improve the work and living environment for foreign experts and to hear more from them, a senior official said on Monday.

Xi's visit signals reform support

[2012-12-11 03:13]

In what is interpreted by analysts as a political signal, Xi Jinping conducted his first official trip as new Party chief to Guangdong where China's market-oriented reforms were launched.

Xi urges efforts to overcome economic challenges

[2012-12-10 22:02]

China must face squarely difficulties and challenges and strive for the best results in the economic work, the new helmsman of the nation's ruling party has said.

China calls for Korean Peninsula peace

[2012-12-10 20:19]

China on Monday called for joint efforts to safeguard peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula after the  Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) announced a change in the timing of its upcoming satellite launch.

China mostly satisfied with Doha talks

[2012-12-10 19:34]

China is satisfied with the achievements of the United Nations climate talks held in Doha, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said Monday.

China calls for respect for freedom of navigation

[2012-12-10 19:08]

The Chinese Ministry of National Defense on Dec 10 confirmed a scheduled passage of Chinese naval vessels through international waters near Japan, and called on other countries in the region to respect China's lawful freedom of navigation and overflight.

China calls for trust on South China Sea

[2012-12-10 18:54]

China called on Monday for concerned parties on the South China Sea issue to make more of an effort to increase mutual trust and cooperation.

The view from the outside world

[2012-12-10 10:33]

China Daily canvassed the opinions of a number of experts overseas about the new style of leadership promoted by Xi Jinping and his colleagues.

Police chief sacked over mistress scandal

[2012-12-10 06:41]

A police chief in northwest China has been removed from the post as he is being investigated for allegedly keeping a pair of twin sisters as mistresses.

Shanghai visa plan 'set to boost visitor numbers'

[2012-12-10 01:47]

Shanghai hopes to cement its burgeoning reputation as a global tourist hotspot by allowing visitors to spend three days in the city without a visa.

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