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Yu urges intl ecological cooperation

[2013-05-18 19:14]

Top Chinese political advisor Yu Zhengsheng on Saturday called for international cooperation in building ecological civilization.

Li's India trip to boost co-op, mutual trust

[2013-05-18 15:18]

China's Li Keqiang flies to India on Sunday for the first leg of his maiden foreign visit as premier, and the itinerary evinces the importance of bilateral ties.

US neutrality urged on China-Japan dispute

[2013-05-18 14:01]

China's Ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai on Friday urged Washington to remain "truly neutral" on the Sino-Japanese territorial dispute in East China Sea by honoring its promise to "take no side".

Li's India trip shows pursuit of better ties

[2013-05-18 13:54]

The choice of India as the first leg of Li Keqiang's overseas trip sent out a clear signal that Beijing prioritizes enhancing ties with New Delhi despite border spats and other disputes.

Anti-graft chief stresses intra-Party supervision

[2013-05-18 03:56]

Anti-corruption chief of the Communist Party of China (CPC), stressed Party inspection work as an important form of intra-Party supervision, saying inspections should serve as a deterrence to corrupt officials.

China supports peace in Middle East, Xi says

[2013-05-18 02:44]

China would like to further strengthen coordination with Saudi Arabia to maintain peace and stability in the Middle East, President Xi said.

'Battle intense and complicated'

[2013-05-18 01:55]

As a region that is constantly battling with separatism, Xinjiang must plan for the worst while making the best efforts to maintain social stability.

China opposes EU's unilateral aviation emissions levy

[2013-05-17 23:46]

China on Friday voiced its opposition to the European Union's unilateral decision to incorporate international flights originating from countries outside of the EU into its carbon trading scheme.

Xi meets Greek PM, calling for stronger partnership

[2013-05-17 20:04]

Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras on Friday and called for a stronger partnership between the two nations, with both having a rich traditional culture.

China increases state compensation standard

[2013-05-17 19:46]

China's Supreme People's Procuratorate (SPP) on Friday increased the compensation standard for individuals whose personal rights have been infringed upon by the state.

China earmarks fund for shantytown renovation

[2013-05-17 18:39]

A total of 35.5 billion yuan ($5.73 billion) will be used to renovate run-down areas in Chinese cities this year, the country's Ministry of Finance (MOF) said Friday.

Chinese President meets Irish parliament leaders

[2013-05-17 16:13]

Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Irish parliamentary leaders Sean Barrett and Paddy Burke in Beijing on Friday, calling on the two sides to cement exchange and cooperation.

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