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Key CPC meeting opens to set reform agenda

[2013-11-09 12:32]

The Communist Party of China (CPC) kicked off a key meeting in Beijing on Saturday with a discussion on deepening reform top on the agenda.

Discipline agency targets holiday luxuries

[2013-11-09 09:05]

The discipline watchdog of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on Friday pledged to continue curbing extravagance and luxuries during the upcoming New Year and Spring Festival holidays.

Chinese land reform at crucial stage

[2013-11-09 08:09]

Anticipation of land reform is running high in China, where a unique land system has hobbled urbanization.

Senior official at Cosco under investigation

[2013-11-09 07:14]

An executive director at China Cosco Holdings Ltd, Xu Minjie, is being investigated by the authorities, the company said on Friday.

Premier vows local governance reforms

[2013-11-09 02:08]

A speech made by Premier Li Keqiang at a meeting on functional transformation and institutional reform of local governments on Nov 1.

Li appoints advisers to key govt think tank

[2013-11-09 00:29]

Premier Li Keqiang on Friday issued letters of appointment to new members of a key government advisory body, including former World Bank chief economist Justin Yifu Lin.

Courts to examine their own compliance with law

[2013-11-08 22:06]

The Supreme People's Court on Friday asked courts at all levels to examine their implementation of the Eight-Point Code from this month until January next year.

The Third Plenary Session: from the experts

[2013-11-08 21:10]

Four experts in economics, social and political studies opened up to share their insights and expectations of the Third Plenary Session and China's future reforms.

China demands Japan protect Chinese crew's safety

[2013-11-08 20:11]

China on Friday demanded that Japan protect the safety and rights of Chinese crew members days after a Taiwanese trawling boat was detained in waters off Kagoshima, Japan, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Friday.

China's disciplinarians turn graft into art

[2013-11-08 15:57]

The Communist Party of China's top discipline watchdog is collecting anti-corruption cartoons nationwide and plans an exhibition .

CPC key session to inspire new change in China

[2013-11-08 15:53]

Discussion of China's reforms is surging worldwide ahead of CPC's key session, with many foreign experts expecting the upcoming session to inspire fresh reform vigor in China.

Xi touts healthy ties with Brazil

[2013-11-07 23:36]

President Xi Jinping called for unity and cooperation among emerging markets while meeting with visiting Brazilian Vice-President Michel Temer in Beijing.

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