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Watchdog offers online channel for anti-graft tips

[2014-12-10 03:43]

A special channel has been opened to receive tipoffs about corrupt officials who flee abroad and transfer illegally acquired assets overseas.

China to advance climate goals

[2014-12-10 03:43]

China will announce its "intended nationally determined contribution" in the first quarter of next year, rather than in June.

China, Ireland pledge closer partnership

[2014-12-09 22:27]

Chinese President Xi Jinping held talks with Irish President Michael D. Higgins Tuesday with both pledging to boost partnership between the two countries.

China confident in human rights development

[2014-12-09 21:43]

Beijing says it has "full confidence" in its own model of human rights development and that the country will pledge to continue dialogues with Brussels in a press conference on Monday in Brussels.

Supreme Court to severely punish litigation brokers

[2014-12-09 21:41]

China's Supreme People's Court (SPC) has called for severe punishment for court officers who act as litigation brokers.

Supreme Procuratorate protests against insider trading rule by court

[2014-12-09 21:41]

China's Supreme People's Procuratorate (SPP) lodged a protest against the ruling of the country's largest insider trading case on Tuesday.

Discipline watchdog reports gambling cases involving CPC officials

[2014-12-09 20:28]

China's discipline watchdog issued a circular to report six gambling cases involving Communist Party of China (CPC) officials.

Anti-graft blitz upgrades to protracted war

[2014-12-09 20:25]

The handing of Zhou Yongkang, once one of the most powerful officials in China, over to prosecutors on Friday marked the climax of this year's anti-corruption drive.

Song named as executive deputy of the Party's foreign affairs office

[2014-12-09 20:08]

The promotion of a high-ranking, richly experienced foreign policy expert and veteran diplomat to a major Party position covering international affairs was confirmed on Tuesday.

China rejects US stance on South China Sea

[2014-12-09 19:01]

China on Tuesday denounced a US State Department document on the South China Sea, urging the US to abide by its commitment not to take sides on the South China Sea issue.

China releases school faculty's diary on Nanjing Massacre

[2014-12-09 18:42]

The third of an archival series on the Nanjing Massacre was released on Tuesday ahead of the inaugural National Memorial Day for Nanjing Massacre Victims.

China seeks more intl help with hunt for fugitive officials

[2014-12-09 17:48]

China's disciplinary watchdog opened a new "whistle blowing channel" on Tuesday, to help facilitate international support of its ongoing campaign to repatriate fugitive corrupt officials.

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