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‘Zero tolerance’ to continue

[2015-03-03 04:36]

China will continue its massive nationwide anti-corruption campaign, with no limit or ceiling and shielding no one, the spokesman for the country’s top political advisory body said on Monday.

Chinese leaders laud role-model judge

[2015-03-02 22:02]

Senior Chinese leaders on Monday called on officials to take inspiration from a judge who was posthumously honored with a top national award recently.

Chinese army investigates more generals

[2015-03-02 18:54]

The Chinese military authority on Monday released a list of 14 generals who have been investigated or convicted in the recent days.

'Two sessions' to look for further reform under new normal, experts

[2015-03-02 14:49]

The much-anticipated annual parliamentary sessions of China, dubbed as "two sessions", is expected to lay a foundation for further reforms as the world's second-largest economy actively adapts to the "new normal" of slower growth but higher quality economy, experts say.

New procurement rules aim to curb corruption

[2015-03-02 07:37]

A new regulation designed to prevent misconduct by those involved in government procurement took effect on Sunday.

Sport chiefs to press ahead with soccer reforms

[2015-03-02 07:37]

The top sport body has vowed to push forward reforms of the way soccer is run while promoting mass participation in the game as the country aims to become a major participant on the world stage.

Legislative, advisory assemblies clean house

[2015-03-02 08:05]

As a result of the widening national drive to combat graft, Ling Jihua, former vice-chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and 12 other deputies have been dismissed or forced to resign since March 2013 following corruption investigations, authorities said on Sunday.

Xi’s travel expected to reinforce his vision

[2015-03-02 05:25]

Speculation is increasing about what destination President Xi Jinping will choose for his first overseas visit of the year.

Profile of 63 'tigers' caught in anti-graft drive

[2015-03-01 14:59]

Chinese Caixin financial magazine ran a report earlier this month that took a detailed look at the 63 “tigers”, including their age, ranking, post, and what is to be expected from the “tiger-hunting” in the coming days.

Xi Jinping's quotes of classics published

[2015-03-01 13:25]

China has published a book featuring President Xi Jinping's quotations from ancient stories and classics in his speeches and articles.

Xi urges the promotion of good values

[2015-03-01 09:50]

President Xi Jinping has urged officials and public figures to lead by example and promote good values among Chinese citizens, especially the younger generation.

BiH newspaper introduces President Xi's book

[2015-03-01 07:36]

Oslobodenje, one of the major newspapers in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), published a long story to introduce the book "Xi Jinping: The Governance of China" on its Feb 21 edition.

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