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Chinese military backs naval encounters code

[2014-04-24 21:09]

A Defense Ministry spokesman on Thursday hailed the endorsement this week of the Code for Unplanned Encounters at Sea (CUES) as conducive to safeguarding regional security and stability.

China supports people-to-people exchanges with Japan

[2014-04-24 21:02]

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman on Thursday expressed China's support for people-to-people and local government level exchanges with Japan, in light of Tokyo governor Yoichi Masuzoe's China visit.

China notes Japanese military activity near Diaoyu Islands

[2014-04-24 20:07]

A Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman said Thursday that China has been closely following Japan's recent military moves on its westernmost outpost, a tropical island some 150 km from China's Diaoyu Islands.

China to punish crimes in doctor-patient flare-ups

[2014-04-24 20:02]

China will severely punish people who insult medical workers or set up shrines to late patients in hospitals, according to a guideline issued on Thursday.

China an elephant in the room for Obama's Asia tour

[2014-04-24 19:56]

Though China is not included in Mr. Barack Obama's ongoing Asia tour, it is an indispensable topic on the menu of talks for the US president.

Chinese vice president vows closer exchanges with Mongolia

[2014-04-24 19:46]

Chinese Vice President Li Yuanchao on Thursday pledged stronger party-to-party exchanges with Mongolia.

China relieved at Manila hostage crisis settlement: FM

[2014-04-24 19:43]

China's central government has expressed relief at the settlement of the Manila hostage crisis which left eight Hong Kong tourists dead in August 2010, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Thursday.

Climate action urged for China, EU

[2014-04-24 19:02]

China and the European Union must make joint efforts to tackle climate change, the EU commissioner for climate action said in Beijing on Thursday.

China welcomes Palestinian reconciliation deal

[2014-04-24 18:47]

China on Thursday hailed a Palestinian reconciliation deal on ending a seven-year internal split, saying it will build Palestine's internal solidarity.

Environment protection law-enforcement agencies established in Guizhou

[2014-04-24 18:29]

To fight crimes involving environmental protection and maintain a sustainable environment, multiple law-enforcement agencies have been established to solve relevant cases in Guizhou province.

Beijing, Shanghai disciplinary watchdogs report misconduct cases

[2014-04-24 16:50]

The disciplinary authorities of Beijing and Shanghai on Thursday reported 18 cases relating to breaches of the eight-point anti-bureaucracy and formalism guidelines as well as Party discipline and laws.

China, UK hold forum in Beijing

[2014-04-24 16:11]

UK-China collaboration has reached new heights, with a wave of new agreements at the 2014 UK-China High Level People to People Dialogue held on Wednesday.

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