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Amending anti-graft clauses is a deterrent in time

[2014-10-28 19:56]

A draft amendment to modify the criteria for imposing penalties on criminals found guilty of corruption and bribes came at the right time.

China to explore establishing transregional courts, procuratorates

[2014-10-28 19:55]

China will consider establishing courts and procuratorates with jurisdictions spanning across different administrative regions.

Lawmaker proposes reducing scope of state secrets

[2014-10-28 19:54]

A Chinese lawmaker proposed reduction of the scope of state secrets on Tuesday while discussing a draft Counterespionage Law aimed at more comprehensive state security.

China mulls changes to public interest litigation

[2014-10-28 19:51]

China is considering allowing prosecutors to institute public interest litigation, according to a legal reform plan published in full text Tuesday.

China to expedite anti-corruption law: document

[2014-10-28 19:50]

Chinese lawmakers will speed up legislation work for the country's anti-corruption law, a key policy document of the Communist Party of China (CPC) said on Tuesday, amid a popular anti-graft initiative.

Ties between Party, rule of law the core issue: Xi

[2014-10-28 19:34]

Chinese President Xi Jinping said the relations between the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the rule of law is 'the core issue for the building of a country with the rule of law.'

China hopes Ukrainian elections bring stability

[2014-10-28 19:30]

China hopes the 2014 Ukrainian parliamentary elections can help the country realize domestic stability, a spokesman said on Tuesday.

Xi pledges reform to ensure independent, fair judicial system

[2014-10-28 19:24]

President Xi Jinping warned of serious problems in China's judicial system and pledged reforms to remove judicial injustice, in a document published in Beijing Tuesday.

Anti-graft watchdog: more than 2,600 officials punished

[2014-10-28 19:21]

More than 2,600 officials were punished in September for violating the principles of the Communist Party of China, the country's top anti-graft watchdog said on Tuesday.

China to ban extralegal administration with power list

[2014-10-28 19:17]

China will set a power list for government and ban administrative authorities from any extralegal power.

China to set up SPC circuit courts

[2014-10-28 19:13]

China's Supreme People's Court (SPC) will set up circuit courts for major administrative, civil and commercial cases involving different administrative regions.

Chinese officials obligated to pledge allegiance to Constitution

[2014-10-28 19:01]

Chinese government officials now pledge allegiance to the country's Constitution before taking office, said a key policy document of the Communist Party of China (CPC) published on Tuesday.

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