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'Hub' aides told to better serve people

[2015-12-25 08:01]

Government secretaries-general as well as general office administrators are being urged to better serve the country's social and economic development by speaking out on problems and ensuring that central policies are implemented to the letter.

Proposed system for tax collection to ease burdens

[2015-12-25 08:01]

The State Council, China's cabinet, unveiled a plan on Thursday to reform the country's tax-collection system. The plan is expected to end the long-standing brawl between State and local tax administrations and reduce the agonies of companies, including multinationals in China.

China, Nepal pledge to strengthen cooperation

[2015-12-24 22:30]

China and Nepal pledged to expand cooperation, as Chinese Vice President Li Yuanchao met with visiting Nepalese Deputy Prime Minister Kamal Thapa Thursday in Beijing.

Over 32,000 redundant official positions eliminated

[2015-12-24 22:29]

A total of 32,041 redundant leader posts have been eliminated in the past three years, according to the top personnel department of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on Thursday.

China announces over $6 m humanitarian aid to Syria

[2015-12-24 22:14]

China will provide 40 million yuan (6.18 million US dollars) in humanitarian assistance to Syria, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Thursday.

Chinese legislators call for efforts to control local govt debt

[2015-12-24 22:11]

Chinese legislators on Thursday urged intensified efforts to keep local government debt under control, warning against potential default in the future.

Proposals from national legislators fully addressed

[2015-12-24 20:56]

Proposals raised by deputies of the National People's Congress (NPC) at the annual parliamentary session in March have been handled well, said the NPC Standing Committee Thursday.

Discipline watchdog solicits tip-offs ahead of holidays

[2015-12-24 18:45]

China's top anti-corruption authority Thursday opened a new channel on its official website for tips related to lavish year-end behavior.

Paris deal took teamwork

[2015-12-24 07:53]

Top climate negotiators from China and the United States highlighted bilateral climate cooperation less than two weeks after more than 190 countries agreed on a landmark global agreement in Paris to combat climate change.

China takes on mediation role

[2015-12-24 07:53]

Syria's foreign minister started a four-day visit to China on Wednesday, amid a fresh round of efforts by China to play a more active role in the Syrian-conflict issue.

Anti-terror draft has 'no backdoors'

[2015-12-24 07:53]

China's anti-terrorism legislation will not hurt lawful business and will not leave "backdoors" for Internet hacking, the Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday, rebuking the United States for its concerns.

Firms' direct financing channels to expand

[2015-12-24 07:53]

The State Council, China's Cabinet, vowed on Wednesday to facilitate greater direct financing for companies from the capital markets and to further improve the efficiency of the financial industry to support the economy.

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