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Air defense identification zone doesn't target specific country

[2013-11-27 13:43]

China's newly-established air defense identification zone over the East China Sea does not target a specific country, said a military expert in Beijing on Tuesday.

Air defense identification zone in line with cross-Straits interests

[2013-11-27 13:34]

The newly-established East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone is in line with the interests of both sides of the Taiwan Straits.

Chinese VP discusses trade with US officials

[2013-11-27 13:31]

Chinese Vice-Premier Wang Yang discussed trade issues on Tuesday with US Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker and Trade Representative Michael Froman over the phone.

Routine sea trial for carrier, spokeswoman says

[2013-11-27 13:18]

A Chinese mainland spokeswoman on Wednesday reiterated that the Liaoning aircraft carrier's South China Sea trial is a normal arrangement in its scheduled training.

China says monitored US bombers' flight through ADIZ

[2013-11-27 13:10]

China's Defence Ministry said on Wednesday it had monitored the entire progress of two unarmed US B-52 bombers that flew over disputed islands in the East China Sea on a training mission without informing Beijing. Air zone said not to affect routine flights
Air defense zone in line with cross-Straits interests

Joint statement highlights exemplary relations

[2013-11-27 05:58]

China and Romania see in each other a good friend and sincere partner, and their partnership is exemplary for inter-state relations.

Li looks to closer relations

[2013-11-27 01:06]

China and Central and Eastern European countries have vowed to double their trade in five years and will discuss plans to build a new railway link between them.

Local officials' grip on power loosened

[2013-11-27 01:21]

The Chinese leadership has listed combating the abuse of power as a priority of its reforms, in a bid to tighten restrictions on the exercise of power by leading officials.

Carrier embarks on mission to South China Sea

[2013-11-27 00:49]

China's sole aircraft carrier, Liaoning, left for the South China Sea on Tuesday on a mission to test its crew and technical capabilities.

Confucius' lessons still relevant, Xi says

[2013-11-27 00:02]

President Xi Jinping said Confucian thought can play a positive role in China's development today.

China to remove 2 million govt cars from use

[2013-11-26 22:02]

The majority of China's official vehicles are to be removed from use as part of government moves to reduce extravagance and promote austerity.

CPC anti-corruption organ opens to foreign journalists

[2013-11-26 21:59]

Seventeen journalists from European Union (EU) countries visited the disciplinary watchdog of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on Tuesday.

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