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Police chief punished for concealing son's crime

[2013-01-13 19:28]

A deputy police chief in North China's Shanxi province has been placed on probation for covering up his son's drunk driving.

Chinese workers reconcile with locals in Kyrgyzstan

[2013-01-12 17:42]

Chinese workers and local residents in southern Kyrgyzstan were reconciled Friday following a clash three days ago.

Deng Xiaoping biography to debut on mainland

[2013-01-12 16:00]

Former Harvard professor Ezra Vogel's book on late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping is expected to hit store shelves on the Chinese mainland this year, according to the SDX Joint Publishing Company

China strongly condemns terrorist attacks in Pakistan

[2013-01-12 08:37]

Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi on Friday strongly condemned a series of terror attacks in Pakistan, which caused heavy casualties.

China publishes new maps; S China Sea islands highlighted

[2013-01-12 01:11]

China has inked for the first time South China Sea islands on its new official maps in equal scale to that of the Chinese mainland.

Japan responsible for plight with China

[2013-01-11 20:50]

A spokesman for China's Foreign Ministry on Friday urged the Japanese government to "face reality" in Sino-Japanese relations.

Military jets on 'routine flights' over E. China Sea

[2013-01-11 17:35]

A Foreign Ministry spokesman said Friday that Chinese military planes were on "routine flights" in relevant airspace over the East China Sea.Speed called for on maritime law US calls for calm over islands

Unwise foreign policy turns Japan into own enemy

[2013-01-11 14:36]

The Japanese economy, under the burden of years of deflation and an aging population, has been the "Patient of Asia" for the last two decades.

US calls for calm over islands

[2013-01-11 11:58]

As tension flared anew between China and Japan over the Diaoyu Islands, a senior State Department official said the United States wants cooler heads to prevail. Speed called for on maritime law

China vows to beef up maritime security

[2013-01-11 01:20]

China vowed on Thursday to beef up maritime patrols and oppose sovereignty infringement by Japan over territorial islands and waters.

24 tourists rescued in South China Sea

[2013-01-11 00:18]

Twenty-four tourists who had been stranded near Chenhang Island in the South China Sea were plucked to safety on Thursday by a Chinese vessel, rescue authorities said.

Japan's planned defensed budget concerns neighbors

[2013-01-10 22:41]

China hopes Japan can reflect on history and pursue peaceful development, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Thursday, after the Japanese government announced plans to increase defense spending.

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