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Seniors prove WeChat is not just for young

[2015-04-02 07:44]

Zhang Yunmei's family members did not return home for Spring Festival, but she says the celebration was still full of love thanks to WeChat.

Official and family 'were paid $387m'

[2015-04-02 07:44]

Total disclosed in new report is much higher than earlier figure

China pledges education, hospital, juror system reforms

[2015-04-02 07:36]

China's central authorities on Wednesday rolled out plans to support rural teachers, overhaul public hospitals and improve public supervision of court cases.

Leading group OKs lawsuit reform

[2015-04-02 07:06]

Residents should find it easier to file civil cases in courts as the central government is breaking down barriers and pushing judicial reforms ahead.

China plans more cuts to red-tape

[2015-04-01 21:44]

More measures, including policies on intermediary services, are planned to streamline China's administrative approvals, according to the National Development and Reform Commission.

China responds to Japan's draft diplomatic bluebook

[2015-04-01 21:36]

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson on Wednesday urged Japan to adopt a correct view of history, reality and make constructive efforts for a settlement of islands issue.

Senior Guangdong anti-graft official under investigation

[2015-04-01 19:23]

Zhong Shijian, deputy secretary of the Guangdong provincial discipline inspection commission, has been put under investigation for suspected "serious violations of discipline and law", China's top anti-graft body announced on its website Wednesday.

Game of golf puts official in the rough

[2015-04-01 07:39]

A Commerce Ministry official has been put under investigation on suspicion of taking a golf outing paid for by a company and is alleged to have violated Party disciplines.

Foreign suspects 'should also be targeted'

[2015-04-01 07:37]

As China's anti-corruption campaign reaches the United States, a legal expert said the Chinese government should also pay attention to foreign companies doing business with China while enhancing its cooperation with the US.

New round of 'Fox Hunt' begins

[2015-04-01 07:23]

The Ministry of Public Security has launched a new round of its campaign code-named "Fox Hunt 2015" to track down corrupt Chinese officials who are still at large overseas and confiscate their ill-gotten assets, the ministry said on Tuesday.

Chinese woman charged with immigration fraud remains in US jail

[2015-04-01 06:08]

Zhao Shilan, who with her ex-husband has been charged with money laundering and immigration fraud, remains in jail in Washington state.

China, Uganda presidents pledge further co-op

[2015-03-31 22:01]

Chinese President Xi Jinping held talks with his Ugandan counterpart Yoweri Museveni on Tuesday in Beijing, pledging to enhance China-Africa ties.

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