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China, Greece to sign cooperation deals

[2014-06-12 21:18]

China and Greece will sign several deals of cooperation during Premier Li Keqiang's official visit to the European country this month.

China challenges Japan over jet encounter

[2014-06-12 20:34]

China's Defense Ministry on Thursday criticized Japan's accusation that a Chinese military aircraft had "approached unusually close" to two Japanese warplanes, saying it's "a thief who cries thief."

Beijing makes strengthening rule of law a priority

[2014-06-12 17:44]

The Chinese government is expected to make more efforts to strengthen the rule of law in the coming years, a senior researcher from an official think tank said.

Officials punished for violating frugality rules

[2014-06-12 17:27]

Seven officials from the Ministry of Land and Resources have been punished for violating frugality rules amid an anti-graft campaign.

Court rules against laojiao death penalty

[2014-06-12 17:24]

China's top court did not uphold the death penalty of two men accused of forcing a girl in Hunan province into prostitution, on Thursday, instead remanding the high-profile lawsuit for a new trial.

Japanese planes threaten China's airspace

[2014-06-12 16:52]

Two Japanese fighters tail after China's Tu-154 plane as close as 30 meters over the East China Sea Wednesday and the action seriously threatens the safety of China's plane.

Emerging trends in Chinese studies and the role of the party

[2014-06-12 16:13]

In the modern era, Chinese studies in the West have gone through two main generations: the generation of the historic school and the generation of the ideological school.

Party vows to be more selective on members

[2014-06-12 06:52]

The Communist Party of China will be more selective when recruiting new members, according to rules published on Tuesday by the General Office of the CPC Central Committee.

Top court welcomes foreigners to sit in on hearing involving company dispute

[2014-06-12 08:24]

The Supreme People's Court invited foreign diplomats on Wednesday for the first time to attend a case involving foreign interests.

China won't bow to Japan's demand on 'comfort women'

[2014-06-12 03:53]

Beijing rejected Tokyo's demand on Wednesday to withdraw China's application to UNESCO to include the experience of "comfort women" in the UN body's Memory of the World program.

Marco Polos needed to boost exchanges

[2014-06-12 02:42]

When Marco Polo traveled to China in the 13th century, he spent months on the long journey. Seven hundred years later, China and Italy cut that journey to one-and-a-half days of paperwork.

Two commerce ministry officials punished

[2014-06-11 21:40]

Two officials in the Ministry of Commerce have been punished for violating the Party's rules, the ministry announced on June 11.

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