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Procuratorates urged to investigate malfeasance

[2013-04-02 21:55]

The Supreme People's Procuratorate called on national prosecuting departments to focus on investigating malfeasance and infringement cases, which harm judicial justice and hurt the people's interests, the SPP said on Tuesday.

China regrets DPRK nuke facility reopening

[2013-04-02 16:50]

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said Tuesday that China regrets the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK)'s intention to reopen its nuclear facilities.

Chinese navy fleet concludes West Pacific drill

[2013-04-02 14:57]

A People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy fleet concluded a drill in designated training areas of the West Pacific on Tuesday.

Economist elected govenor of Henan province

[2013-04-02 13:55]

A 59-year-old economist was elected governor of Central China's Henan province, one of the country's leading grain-producing regions.

Dereliction of duty cases soar

[2013-04-02 07:35]

The number of people convicted of dereliction of duty soared in China last year, according to new research by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and cases are expected to continue rising in 2013.

VP calls for 'Chinese Dream' encouragement

[2013-04-02 01:57]

Chinese Vice-President Li Yuanchao called for efforts from the public towards achieving the "Chinese Dream" during an inspection tour.

Diplomats call for better relations

[2013-04-02 00:25]

Public diplomacy is "badly needed" to open more communication channels between China and Japan, veteran Japanese diplomats told China Daily.

China urged to share success story with world

[2013-04-02 00:23]

Developing economies that have experienced dynamic growth are reshaping the world and should share this success with their partners, a UN official said.

Honest work stressed for organization officials

[2013-04-01 21:28]

Leading officials of organization departments across China have been urged to stick to a firm political belief, justice and a cleanhanded work style.

36 bodies found at Tibet landslide site

[2013-04-01 18:36]

By Monday afternoon, rescuers had retrieved 36 bodies from the site of a massive landslide that buried 83 miners in Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region on Friday.

China, ASEAN to deepen strategic partnership

[2013-04-01 18:28]

The 19th China-ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Senior Officials' Consultation will be held in Beijing on Tuesday.

China to maintain regular Diaoyu Islands patrols

[2013-04-01 16:12]

China will continue regular patrols of the Diaoyu Islands to safeguard the country's territorial sovereignty, the head of oceanic authorities has said.

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