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CPC names corrupt judicial officials

[2014-09-29 15:54]

The latest batch of judicial officials who violated Party disciplinary codes and law were named and shamed by the Commission for Political and Legal Affairs of the Communist Party of China Central Committee.

'Corrupt Queen' to be extradited as another fox hunt

[2014-09-29 14:42]

The heroine of a corruption case that shocked the nation at the turn of the century will be extradited as the related procedures with the cooperative country are underway.

Former Hubei political advisor prosecuted for graft

[2014-09-29 11:18]

Chen Baihuai, a former senior political advisor in Hubei Province, is being prosecuted on charges of power abuse and taking bribes.

Keep big picture in mind, say experts on Sino-Japan ties

[2014-09-29 07:34]

A panel of Chinese and Japanese experts at Sunday's Beijing-Tokyo Forum characterized their own country in the years ahead in remarkably similar terms: democratic, peaceful and prosperous.

Foreign experts advise a unified regulatory approach

[2014-09-29 07:34]

Foreign experts advised China to deepen financial reforms and strengthen regulation by having unified supervision across sectors during a forum of world experts on China's financial services development in Beijing on Sunday.

IPhones by hundreds hidden in luggage

[2014-09-29 07:34]

China is cracking down on smugglers bringing Apple iPhone 6 smartphones into the country ahead of their official release, with officials on Sunday reporting the seizure of 453 of the devices in Shanghai.

Grease, sweat are badge of honor for captain

[2014-09-29 07:34]

For Senior Captain Lou Fuqiang, sweat and grease have become his personal decoration as he comes to terms with operating the People's Liberation Army navy's largest ship, the aircraft carrier Liaoning.

Officials who take gifts face tougher penalties

[2014-09-29 07:34]

Government officials who accept gifts or money will face criminal charges and could go to jail if a draft amendment to the law comes into force, according to legal experts.

2 sentenced to death for murder of imam

[2014-09-29 06:53]

Two teenage males were sentenced to death and a third man received life in prison on Sunday for the July 30 murder of Juma Tayier, an imam of the influential Id Kah mosque in Kashgar.

Illegal assembly in Hong Kong leads to clashes

[2014-09-29 03:31]

The Occupy Central protest spun out of control in Hong Kong on Sunday as the local government appealed to organizers to end the gathering in the interest of the city and the safety of participants.

China bans tourism disguised as government business

[2014-09-28 21:25]

Government meetings have been forbidden at 21 popular destinations as part of an ongoing frugality campaign by China's central authorities.

Chinese leaders to mark Martyrs' Day

[2014-09-28 20:49]

China's top leaders will attend a ceremony to mark the country's first Martyrs' Day, which falls on Sept 30.

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