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US first lady shows character during maiden visit to China

[2014-03-22 00:56]

US first lady Michelle Obama says she is amazed by the country’s culture when she tries her hand at Chinese calligraphy for the first time.

Beijing beefs up hunt for Malaysian jetliner

[2014-03-22 09:07]

Five Chinese naval ships and three helicopters have been redirected to the southern Indian Ocean to help in the search for two large objects spotted by satellite that may be related to the missing Malaysian plane.

President Xi leaves Beijing for first trip to Europe

[2014-03-22 09:30]

President Xi Jinping leaves Beijing for his first trip to Europe since taking office over a year ago.

China pledges rural reform, innovation

[2014-03-22 05:28]

Chinese leaders of the State Council, China's Cabinet, stressed on Friday the importance of pushing forward rural reform and innovation as part of the country's agriculture modernization drive.

China vows to continue protecting human rights

[2014-03-21 22:11]

China will continue to make positive efforts in promoting and protecting human rights as always, in line with its national situation, a spokesman said on Friday.

Watchdog clamps down on illegal land grabs

[2014-03-21 19:48]

China's land watchdog is moving to tighten its oversight of illegal land development to ensure that the nation's amount of arable land does not drop below 120 million hectares this year.

Chinese army to raise military training standards

[2014-03-20 21:14]

The level of Chinese military training will be raised to actual combat standard to improve the army's capabilities, according to a guidance issued by the country's military leadership.

Dutch PM points way for ties with Beijing

[2014-03-20 09:07]

High-tech, agriculture and water management are among the industries that offer great opportunities for cooperation between China and the Netherlands, according to Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

China urges political solution to Crimean issue

[2014-03-20 08:15]

China supports UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in his trip to the countries concerned to conduct mediation over the current Ukraine crisis.

'Integrate' Chinese tech with India: Li

[2014-03-20 02:54]

Indian railway construction is expected to showcase China-India cooperation, officials said, as the two nations singled out highlights from a recent economic forum in Beijing.

Xi: New Zealand ties 'exemplary'

[2014-03-20 02:54]

President Xi Jinping called for closer cooperation between China and New Zealand in the agricultural and animal husbandry sectors on Wednesday after Wellington gave repeated assurances that its food is safe following last year's botulism scare.

Ban on new official buildings enforced

[2014-03-19 23:37]

The central government vowed on Wednesday to further push ahead with a ban on the construction of new government buildings as part of an ongoing frugality campaign.

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