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Five-year judicial reform guideline underlines independent trial

[2014-07-10 07:47]

China's top court on Wednesday published a guideline for reforms in the country's court system over the next five years, underlining efforts to ensure independent trial.

Nations brought closer by universal language of sports

[2014-07-10 03:01]

Sports exchanges have been boosting Sino-US cultural ties with a growing number of events, both elite and grassroots, in recent years, officials and experts said.

Chinese, Malta PMs meet on ties

[2014-07-09 21:16]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang met with Prime Minister of Malta Joseph Muscat here on Wednesday.

Climate co-op highlight of China-US ties: official

[2014-07-09 20:13]

Climate change is the highlight of the "new model of major-country relationships" between China and the United States, a top economic planner said on Wednesday.

China names and shames wayward law enforcers

[2014-07-09 19:53]

Details of 12 cases involving violations by police officers, judges and prosecutors were released Wednesday by the Commission for Political and Legal Affairs of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee.

Xi meets Russian presidential administration chief

[2014-07-09 19:30]

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday met with Russian presidential administration chief Sergei Ivanov.

Inner Mongolia continues probe into misuse of public vehicles

[2014-07-09 17:39]

The disciplinary watchdog in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region said four government vehicles were improperly used during a recent private regional tour.

Ex-police officer gets 18 years for abuse of power

[2014-07-09 16:50]

A former police officer in Hefei, capital of Anhui province, was sentenced to 18 years in prison for abuse of power, bribery and embezzlement on July 8, reported on Wednesday.

Xi proposes ways to handle China-US frictions

[2014-07-09 15:39]

Chinese President Xi Jinping says that China and the US should properly handle frictions and contradictions in their bilateral relations, so as to forge a new model of major-country relationship.

Xi says problems in China-US relations not afraid

[2014-07-09 12:16]

Chinese President Xi Jinping said Wednesday that problems in China-US relations are not to be afraid of as long as both sides work to solve them.

China's new pathway to urbanization will benefit world: UN officials

[2014-07-09 11:10]

UN officials said Tuesday that China's efforts to follow the new pathway to sustainable urbanization, which is human-centered and environmentally friendly, will benefit both the country and the world.

Top court vows to raise judges' pay

[2014-07-09 07:25]

China's top court said it will increase the incomes of judges and provide better job protection as part of an ongoing judicial reform.

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