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Daily fishery patrols in S China Sea in 2014

[2013-02-07 22:40]

China will conduct daily fishery administrative patrols in the South China Sea in 2014 to better safeguard the legitimate interests of domestic fishermen, a fishery official said Thursday.

China promotes Spring Festival traditions

[2013-02-07 16:53]

It has been a tradition in China that those living apart from their elderly family return home during the festival period.

China timetables fuel quality upgrade

[2013-02-07 07:03]

The State Council on Wednesday issued a timetable for its program to upgrade fuel quality, with a strict standard to be promoted nationwide before 2017.

Beijing calls for Syria political transition

[2013-02-07 02:21]

Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi called for all parties in the Syrian conflict to start a political dialogue as early as possible and push for a political transition, saying the situation has reached a "crucial stage".

Tokyo hyped 'radar lock-on': experts

[2013-02-07 00:55]

Japan's campaign to accuse Chinese radars of "locking onto" a Japanese warship is more like a "political drama" to hype the "China threat".

Li reassures disadvantaged Inner Mongolians

[2013-02-06 23:01]

Vice-Premier Li Keqiang stressed coordination between economic growth and improved livelihoods when visiting disadvantaged people in Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

Senior official advises CPC members to reject pomp

[2013-02-06 23:00]

A senior official of the Communist Party of China urged CPC members to reject formality in implementing a set of guidelines to fight extravagance and bureaucracy within the Party.

China urges widely accepted Syrian solution

[2013-02-06 21:34]

Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi met a senior Syrian diplomat in Beijing on Wednesday, saying China is open to any solution to the ongoing conflict in Syria, as long as it is widely accepted by Syrians.

Leaders call for enhancing combat preparedness

[2013-02-06 21:16]

Chinese leader Xi Jinping has called for "expanding and deepening" the military's combat preparedness in his tour of the Lanzhou Military Area Command. Official urges 'combat criteria' in training

Official urges 'combat criteria' in training

[2013-02-06 20:33]

A senior Chinese military official has called on military officers to adopt "real combat criteria" in military training so as to meet future wartime needs in the information age.

Wen wishes Islamic summit a success

[2013-02-06 20:05]

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao sent a congratulatory message to the 12th session of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation conference upon its opening on Wednesday in Cairo, Egypt.

China opposes escalation of Korean Peninsula tensions

[2013-02-06 19:35]

A Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said Wednesday that China opposes any moves that could create more tension on the Korean Peninsula.

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