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China expects 'ambitious, legal-binding deal' at Paris climate confernece

[2015-11-19 18:07]

China's chief climate negotiator unveils the country's position on the Paris climate change conference, saying China hopes that "a powerful, ambitious and legally binding deal" can be reached in Paris.

Premier stresses protection of Chinese abroad after hostage killing

[2015-11-19 14:23]

China will strengthen protection of its citizens and organizations overseas, Premier Li Keqiang said on Thursday, after the murder of a Chinese hostage by Islamic State (IS) in Syria.

Foreign Ministry confirms death of hostage, condemns killing

[2015-11-19 09:51]

Beijing "strongly condemns" the ruthless murder of a Chinese man held hostage by the Islamic State extremist group, says President Xi Jinping.

Inner Mongolia focuses on stable growth

[2015-10-26 15:55]

Despite China's economic slowdown, the Inner Mongolia autonomous region recorded better-than-average economic growth over the last two years thanks to the opportunities provided by the Belt and Road Initiative.

City cluster lights way to Hubei's future

[2015-11-04 07:46]

Editor's note: Hubei province has been a regional industrial, transport and cultural center in Central China since late 19th century. It's set to continue to champion the rise and urbanization of the region. China Daily talked with Li Hongzhong, the Party chief and top legislator of Hubei, to find out more.

Govt to launch cutting-edge projects, premier says

[2015-11-18 07:43]

The central government will launch a host of projects that involve cutting-edge technologies, Internet applications, high-end equipment and key industries, Premier Li Keqiang said on Tuesday.

Keep sea dispute out of meetings, vice-FM says

[2015-11-18 07:42]

The South China Sea issue should not be played up at the ASEAN and East Asia meetings, Vice-Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin said on Tuesday.

Tank destroyers targeted by modernization

[2015-11-18 07:27]

The People's Liberation Army's armored forces have begun to phase out their tank destroyers, as they now rely on weapons that are more powerful and effective, such as anti-tank missiles and attack helicopters.

Government on target for reduced pollution in 2017

[2015-11-17 09:13]

China's major cities should reach their targets in reducing major air pollutants by 2017 as planned, though ozone poses a more stubborn problem.

Beijing, Shanghai senior officials removed from posts

[2015-11-16 17:13]

Lyu Xiwen, deputy Party chief of Beijing, and Ai Baojun, vice mayor of Shanghai, have been removed from their posts for suspected serious disciplinary violations, the Organization Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee said on Monday.

Attacks in Paris prompt China to boost security

[2015-11-16 07:07]

China will intensify counter terrorism security measures following the Paris attacks that so far killed 132 lives and injured hundreds of people.

Cartoon commentary, President Xi's at G20 Summit①: Contributing Chinese wisdom to G20

[2015-11-15 20:01]

On November 14, Chinese President Xi Jinping was invited to attend the 10th G20 Summit held in Antalya, Turkey, another major diplomatic activity carried out by China's leaders after the 5th plenary session of 18th CPC Central Committee.

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