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Green provinces' efforts to be promoted elsewhere

[2015-05-15 07:30]

Successful practices introduced in environmentally friendly provinces in the past decade are to be promoted by the central government in an attempt to create a better environment by 2020 - a major goal for the national eco-civilization road map.

Operation Fox Hunt secures return of 150 economic fugitives from 32 countries

[2015-05-15 08:01]

Chinese police departments have brought back 150 economic fugitives from 32 countries since the beginning of the year.

China cuts red tape on non-administrative reviews

[2015-05-15 06:58]

The State Council, China's cabinet, on Thursday canceled all non-administrative reviews to cut red tape and inject market vitality.

China opposes Japan's bid for wartime facilities' recognition

[2015-05-14 20:45]

China on Thursday said it opposed Japan's bid to have 23 coal mines, shipyards and other early industrial zones recognized as world heritage sites.

China steps up emergency response for city rail transport

[2015-05-14 17:28]

The Chinese government published a revised emergency response plan for city rail transport on Thursday as it seeks to beef up security measures in increasingly overcrowded subway stations.

Costs of corruption far outweigh benefits

[2015-05-14 07:54]

The reality is that corruption imposes a large, often random, tax on businesses, not least by discouraging officials from reducing red tape.

Pilot program modifies the jury system

[2015-05-14 07:43]

When Zhang Mou drove into a pedestrian in a street in Zhengzhou, Henan province, in March last year he thought he did the right thing by taking the victim to a nearby hospital.

First step taken to compile a civil code

[2015-05-14 07:43]

The Supreme People's Court has formed a group to start compiling the nation's first civil code following repeated calls for the rule of law.

Emergency strategy improved at nuclear plants

[2015-05-14 07:43]

China has built its first training and support base to cope with emergency issues at nuclear power plants in an effort to meet its safety goals amid rapid development of nuclear energy.

Steps will boost Internet speed, cut costs

[2015-05-14 07:45]

Long-awaited measures to create a faster, cheaper Internet network have been unveiled by the State Council.

Agricultural subsidies 'should be reconsidered'

[2015-05-13 07:43]

China should reconsider policies that give heavy subsidies for grain products and agricultural applications such as pesticides and fertilizers, as the country is facing mounting pressure to deal with agricultural pollution, the director of an international food policy think tank says.

Plane development problems 'still to be solved'

[2015-05-13 07:43]

China must resolve a host of technological and technical difficulties before it can develop a reliable short takeoff and vertical landing aircraft, aviation industry insiders say.

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