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Xi urges greater poverty-alleviation efforts

[2012-12-30 16:32]

Chinese Communist Party chief Xi Jinping has urged local authorities to escalate poverty-alleviation efforts during a weekend tour to improvised villages in north China.

CPC official urges coalition with non-communist parties

[2012-12-30 15:04]

A senior Communist Party of China (CPC) official has stressed fully implementing the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress and keeping close ties with the country's non-communist parties.

Internet legislation timely, necessary

[2012-12-30 02:00]

China's latest legislation on Internet management complies with the development trend of the Internet and the aspirations of the people.

Hu Jintao urges scientific innovation

[2012-12-29 22:22]

Chinese President Hu Jintao has urged to boost China's overall national power through continuous scientific innovation.

Faster reform helps China improve social equity

[2012-12-29 15:32]

A new education policy issued early this month has enabled migrant worker Qin Lihong to make long-term plans for her family.

Party organizations gain strength to serve people

[2012-12-29 14:59]

Tang Qianyi, 77, looks happy and satisfied as she rests on a bed, enjoying the warmth and comfort of the welfare house where she lives.

China's transport improves, faces pressure

[2012-12-29 14:51]

Some 87,000 kilometers of new highways opened in China in 2012, marking a record-high year-on-year growth rate, a senior transport official said Saturday.

Top legislature ends bimonthly session

[2012-12-29 08:53]

China's top legislature on Friday concluded a bimonthly session in which revised laws were adopted and the country's new police chief was appointed.

Navy protects ships from pirates

[2012-12-29 01:33]

On March 25, one month after leaving Qingdao, Shandong province, Captain Wang Haijiang felt a bit more excited than usual.

Vice-FM says US must be 'objective'

[2012-12-29 01:33]

A senior diplomat on Friday urged the United States to take "an objective and impartial position" in Asia-Pacific affairs amid the increased engagement between Beijing and Washington in the region.

China to give Armenia 70 million yuan in aid

[2012-12-29 00:47]

China agreed Friday to give Armenia a grant of 70 million yuan ($11.2 million) as part of an economic and technical partnership agreement.

China committed to peaceful development: official

[2012-12-29 00:30]

China will stay committed to peaceful development and win-win cooperation in a rather "chaotic" world, Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Zhijun said Friday.

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