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Li urges farmers to plant more in 2014

[2013-11-05 00:51]

Premier Li Keqiang has encouraged farmers in Heilongjiang province to plant more crops next year to ensure their own prosperity as well as the nation's food safety.

Xi calls for targeted policies to fight poverty

[2013-11-05 00:47]

President Xi Jinping said he hopes the company will continue to step up its innovation and R&D efforts to maintain its edge in the market.

Separatists spreading terror skills over Net

[2013-11-05 00:39]

The Internet and social media are the main channels and tools for "East Turkistan" separatists to promote their beliefs among young people in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, an expert said.

Govt must enact land reform

[2013-11-05 00:34]

China's agricultural sector is struggling to keep up with the demand for food from its increasingly urbanized population, a situation that experts say could be addressed by government reforms.

China, Gulf states talks delayed: FM

[2013-11-04 22:27]

The third round of the China-Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) strategic dialogue, slated for Monday, is being postponed.

Impartiality urged for US newspaper on Diaoyu Islands

[2013-11-04 21:59]

A Chinese spokesman on Monday urged the Wall Street Journal to be impartial on the Diaoyu Islands dispute after the US newspaper carried an article pushing the US to endorse Japan's claims explicitly.

China wants objective media reports on terror

[2013-11-04 21:36]

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei called for objective and fair reporting of terrorist activity like the Oct 28 car crash in Tian'anmen Square, on Monday.

Premier vows to help rebuild homes in Heilongjiang

[2013-11-04 20:20]

Premier Li Keqiang vowed to help flood-stricken residents rebuild their homes in Tongjiang, Heilongjiang province, on Monday.

Xi makes poverty relief trip to Hunan

[2013-11-04 19:55]

President Xi Jinping visited Hunan province on Sunday to inspect poverty alleviation efforts.

CPC key session to further political restructuring

[2013-11-04 19:25]

With many expecting China's ruling party to kick off more intensive and tougher reforms at a key meeting this week, political analysts believed that the gathering will push forward the country's political restructuring.

China hopes stability in Pakistan restored

[2013-11-04 19:07]

China hopes stability in Pakistan is restored as early as possible, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Monday.

China: discipline or democracy?

[2013-11-04 19:04]

Ethical leadership, discipline and entrepreneurial spirit: this will propel China forward, according to leading political scientist Graham Allison.

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