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China calls for ceasefire in Syria: FM spokesman

[2014-04-25 20:41]

A Foreign Ministry spokesman on Friday called on Syria's warring fractions to cease fire and stop violence, push for a political resolution through dialogue, and restore national stability at an early date.

Chinese top legislator meets Danish Queen Margrethe II

[2014-04-25 20:06]

China's top legislator Zhang Dejiang met with visiting Danish Queen Margrethe II in Beijing on Friday, vowing joint efforts with Denmark for a closer all-round strategic partnership.

Danish queen visits Andersen fairy tale exhibition

[2014-04-25 19:17]

Queen of Denmark Margrethe II visited an exhibition on Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales in Beijing on Friday, accompanied by Chinese President Xi Jinping's wife, Peng Liyuan.

China welcomes progress in destruction of Syrian chemical weapons

[2014-04-25 18:59]

China on Friday welcomed the latest progress in Syria's chemical weapons destruction and called for continued international efforts to complete the mission at an early date.

Shanghai legislature plans to ban fireworks

[2014-04-25 18:28]

Shanghai's legislature is considering a ban on fireworks.

Archives on the atrocities of the Japanese military

[2014-04-25 19:04]

A total of 23 files released this time are on the atrocities of the Japanese military, and they are from the archives of the complete archives of Communication Review Monthly of the Kwantung Kempeitai Headquarters.

Archives on forced laborers by the Japanese military

[2014-04-25 19:04]

Fourteen files of archives disclosed this time are on the exploitation, oppression and enslavement of laborers by the Japanese military, and most of the files were compiled in the middle and late periods of Japan’s occupation of Northeast China.

Archives on special transfer of personnel to Unit 731

[2014-04-25 19:04]

Seven files are disclosed this time on the special transfer of personnel to Unit 731.

Archives on 'comfort women'

[2014-04-25 19:04]

A total of 25 files released this time are related to the “comfort women” system of the Japanese military.

Archives on the Nanjing Massacre

[2014-04-25 19:04]

Six files in the archives are on the Nanjing Massacre. After the July 7th Incident in 1937, Japan's overall aggression of China was started.

Archives on Japanese invasion through immigration to NW China

[2014-04-25 19:04]

During the 40 years from 1905 to 1945, alongside its military invasion of China, the Japanese government carried out immigration to Northeast China in a planned, organized and step-by-step manner, in an attempt to change the demographic structure of the area and curb the anti-Japanese activities of the people in Northeast China.

Archives on UK and US prisoners of war

[2014-04-25 19:04]

Three relevant files are released this time. After the Pacific War broke out, Japan transferred prisoners of war (POWs) of the UK, the US and other countries to Northeast China as laborers.

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