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Official: US could waver on climate

[2015-11-24 07:26]

A veteran climate official said on Monday he is concerned that existing climate policies in the United States might not be adhered to after the next US president is elected.

China urges all related countries to avoid militarizing S. China Sea

[2015-11-23 21:57]

China hopes all countries in and outside the South China Sea will make concerted efforts to avoid militarizing the region, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said Monday.

China rolls out consumption-boosting measures

[2015-11-23 17:22]

China will make it easier for overseas shoppers to get tax refunds and allow foreigners to visit more of the country for 72 hours without visas.

Chinese culture watchdog keeping close eye on videogames

[2015-11-23 14:53]

The Ministry of Culture has pledged to ensure "healthy" content of videogames and to attract older people to gaming, following this summer's lifting of a national ban on games consoles and arcades.

China disciplines 4900 violators of frugality rules in October

[2015-11-22 15:04]

Communist Party of China (CPC)'s top anti-graft body announced on Sunday that over 4,900 officials were reprimanded for violating austerity rules in October, bringing the total punished this year to 36,600.

Beijing tightens security against terrorism

[2015-11-21 19:03]

Beijing has enhanced its security and anti-terrorism response with heavier police presence and stricter checks on parcels, Beijing Public Security Bureau said Saturday.

Book on late leader Hu Yaobang's works published

[2015-11-21 07:28]

A collection of speeches and works by Hu Yaobang, the late general-secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), has been published by the People's Publishing House.

Xi calls for emulation of Hu Yaobang

[2015-11-21 07:26]

The Communist Party of China Central Committee held a symposium to commemorate what would have been the 100th birthday of its former general secretary.

Documentary, photo album to commemorate Hu Yaobang

[2015-11-20 22:22]

China is about to release a TV documentary series and a photo album to commemorate Hu Yaobang on his birthday anniversary.

China pledges to achieve cuts to greenhouse gases

[2015-11-20 07:47]

The government will ensure the fulfillment of its promises for cutting emissions that it submitted to the United Nations, say officials.

China busts largest underground banking case

[2015-11-19 21:31]

Police in east China's Zhejiang Province have busted the country's largest underground banking case, which involved transactions totalling 410 billion yuan (64 bln US dollars).

Five Tianjin officials investigated for graft

[2015-11-19 19:43]

Five officials from Tianjin Municipality have been investigated on suspicion of corruption, the Supreme People's Procuratorate said on Thursday.