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Auditor to monitor family planning fines

[2013-09-05 07:58]

The social subsistence fee, a compulsory levy paid by families who have more children than the family planning policy allows, will be strictly monitored to prevent corruption.

Xi, Putin meeting to focus on 'mega projects'

[2013-09-05 02:09]

President Xi Jinping will meet his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin for the second time in six months and the two are likely to discuss cooperation in large-scale projects, a senior Chinese diplomat said.

Ex-railway deputy chief pleads guilty

[2013-09-05 01:59]

A former senior railway official who was charged with taking bribes of more than 24 million yuan ($3.9 million) pleaded guilty in court.
Anti-graft website of CPC signals openness

Deal ensures supplies of natural gas

[2013-09-05 01:39]

The Chinese and Turkmen presidents announced on Wednesday the completion of the first phase of the Galkynysh gas field, which will supply gas to China.
China, Turkmenistan complete first-phase construction of Galkynysh gas field

China and Russia should stop attack against Syria

[2013-09-04 23:11]

The countries like China and Russia should use the G20 gathering as an opportunity to convince the US to give up the idea of attacking Syria.
China reiterates political solution in Syria

Xi arrives in St Petersburg for G20 summit

[2013-09-04 22:45]

President Xi Jinping arrived in St Petersburg for eighth Leaders' Summit of the Group of Twenty (G20) on Wednesday afternoon.

Chinese premier eyes closer ties with ASEAN

[2013-09-04 21:14]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has urged business people to seize the opportunities in developing the country's inland areas and cooperating with the ASEAN.

Report sees deepening cooperation with Russia

[2013-09-04 19:42]

China will establish even more comprehensive ties with Russia in 2013 as two of the world's leading economies enhance cooperation across a range of sectors, including energy exploration.

2 Hunan officials probed for disciplinary violations

[2013-09-04 19:40]

An investigation into Jin Xiaoming and Liao Hongyuan, the president of Hunan First Normal University and the former Party chief of Hunan Industry Polytechnic, is under way.

China reiterates political solution in Syria

[2013-09-04 18:30]

China reiterated on Wednesday that only political solution can serve to resolve the ongoing conflict in Syria.

China rebuts Philippine accusation over Huangyan Island

[2013-09-04 18:25]

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei on Wednesday rejected the Philippine accusations that China has begun fortifying Huangyan Island, saying "what the Philippine side said is not true."

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