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Beijing, Manila agree on $3.7b in shared projects

[2017-01-24 07:13]

Officials representing Beijing and Manila shook hands on joint projects worth $3.7 billion on Monday during a meeting in the Chinese capital.

China's 2nd most wanted economic fugitive gets life sentence

[2017-01-23 13:52]

One of China's most wanted economic fugitives has been sentenced to life imprisonment for corruption.

Former city Party chief sentenced for graft

[2017-01-23 12:54]

Wang Guoqiang, former Party chief of Fengcheng city in northeast China's Liaoning Province, was sentenced Monday to eight years in prison for graft.

Xi to head central commission for integrated military, civilian development

[2017-01-23 08:37]

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, will head a new central commission for integrated military and civilian development, according to a decision by the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee on Sunday.

Xi calls for improved supply-side structural reform

[2017-01-23 08:31]

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Sunday called for the improving of the supply-side structure to boost the quality of the Chinese economy.

Xi bids New Year greetings to non-Communist parties, people without party affiliation

[2017-01-23 08:26]

Chinese President Xi Jinping Sunday attended a gathering in Beijing and extended Lunar New Year greetings to people from non-Communist parties, the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, and those without party affiliation.

China gets tough on illegal golf courses

[2017-01-23 08:18]

The Chinese government has outlawed more than 100 golf courses around the country as it clamps down on illegal land and water use, authorities announced Sunday.

Ex-Tianjin mayor suspected of graft

[2017-01-23 07:44]

Huang Xingguo, former acting Party chief and major of Tianjin, is under investigation for alleged bribery, the Supreme People's Procuratorate announced on Sunday.

Cui Peng named China's vice minister of supervision

[2017-01-22 17:13]

Cui Peng has been named vice minister of supervision, while Hao Mingjin and Chen Yong were relieved of the post, the State Council, China's cabinet, announced on Sunday.

China to build manned submersible capable of reaching all seabeds

[2017-01-22 16:54]

China has begun to develop a manned submersible capable of taking a crew to all of the earth's seafloors, the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) said.

China closes gaps in anti-corruption fight

[2017-01-22 16:54]

Major reform of China's anti-corruption system will close the gaps in supervision and streamline investigation processes.

Top health authority: Two-child policy works

[2017-01-22 16:36]

The universal two-child policy implemented early last year effectively brought the number of annual newborns in China up to 17.86 million last year, a record high since 2000, according to the nation's top health authority.

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