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China urges to restart Six Party Talks as soon as possible

[2014-09-28 05:33]

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Saturday that the pressing task regarding the Korean Peninsula is to restart the Six Party talks as soon as possible.

China calls for efforts to seek political solutions to armed conflicts

[2014-09-28 05:27]

China on Saturday called on the international community to seek political solutions to incessant conflicts across the world.

Principles of sovereignty, territorial integrity must be upheld, says China

[2014-09-28 05:23]

China said here Saturday that all the countries in the world should treat each other as equals and the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity must be upheld.

Quotable quotes from Chinese FM's statement at UN General Assembly

[2014-09-28 05:20]

The following were quotable quotes from the statement delivered by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Saturday at the General Debate of the UN General Assembly.

Chinese, Russian FMs meet on closer ties, major issues

[2014-09-27 20:01]

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi held talks with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov on Friday to discuss the development of closer ties between their two countries and major international issues.

China city bans nepotistic official associations

[2014-09-27 16:58]

A central Chinese city has taken an unusual step to curb nepotism by banning associations of alumni, county fellows and combat veterans among its officials.

China launches campaign to chase economic fugitives

[2014-09-27 13:19]

China's Supreme People's Procuratorate announced the launch of a half-year campaign targeting fugitive suspects of corruption and other duty-related crimes on Friday.

China firmly supports UN peacekeeping operations: FM

[2014-09-27 08:34]

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Friday said China firmly supports UN peacekeeping operations and has always played an active part in the mission.

'Strategic mistrust' in way of better relations

[2014-09-27 08:00]

Both Japan and China should face up to the reality that a "lasting strategic mistrust" between them is the major factor behind their divergence and conflicting approaches, a veteran security policy expert told China Daily.

Symposium is hoped to improve bilateral ties

[2014-09-27 07:57]

Here are excerpts of an interview with Genron NPO President Yasushi Kudo.

Xi takes firm line on reunification

[2014-09-27 03:23]

President Xi Jinping reaffirmed China's "firm and unwavering stance" on national reunification on Friday to a visiting delegation from Taiwan.

Xi praises Spain's role in Eurasian railway

[2014-09-26 21:40]

China welcomes Spain's participation in the construction and operation of a transcontinental railway, President Xi Jinping told visiting Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on Friday.

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