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Chinese helicopter patrols South China Sea

[2013-03-04 22:49]

A Chinese maritime helicopter carried out a patrol mission in the South China Sea on Monday afternoon, the Guangdong Maritime Safety Administration said.

Reduce financial burden for green firms, political adviser suggests

[2013-03-04 22:25]

China should accelerate environmental taxation reform and cut income tax for environmental protection companies to 15 percent, to ease the country's pollution problems and realize sustainable development, a political adviser has suggested.

China's political reform will not copy models

[2013-03-04 15:27]

China reaffirmed that it will not copy other countries' models in its drive for political reform, a spokeswoman said Monday.

No change to 'one country, two systems'

[2013-03-04 15:23]

The spokeswoman for China's national legislative session on Monday denied speculation that the central government is "tightening up" control over Hong Kong.

Zhang elected chairman of NPC presidium

[2013-03-04 13:09]

Zhang Dejiang and five other deputies were elected executive chairpersons of the presidium for the annual session of China's national legislature in Beijing.

Yao stands for improving China's sports programs

[2013-03-04 06:53]

Former NBA star Yao Ming spent seven days writing his proposals, focusing on the best way to develop sports in the country.

Advisers get down to business

[2013-03-04 02:34]

More than 2,000 national political advisers, about half of them new members, will tackle a host of issues, including corruption, environmental concerns and an increasing income gap, during their nine-day annual session, which started in Beijing on Sunday.

Change of tide for Tianjin

[2013-03-04 01:05]

Plans to transform the northern port city of Tianjin into an international trading hub have taken a major step forward, winning support in principle from the central government, according to the city's deputy mayor.

Advisers get down to business

[2013-03-04 01:05]

More than 2,000 national political advisers will tackle a host of issues during their nine-day annual session, which started in Beijing on Sunday.

Young Chinese have the right to dream

[2013-03-04 01:05]

Many Chinese have been inspired by new Party leader Xi Jinping's idea of the "China dream". The dream for many who are from poor and disadvantaged backgrounds is to have opportunities to earn their daily bread and live a decent life.

Expert sees opportunity for better Sino-US ties

[2013-03-04 00:34]

Top China expert Kenneth Lieberthal believes the country's leadership change in the past few months and the upcoming National People's Congress provide a great opportunity to improve Sino-US relations.

Adviser calls for boost of middle class

[2013-03-04 00:34]

The Chinese government should implement a major tax-reduction plan to expand its middle-class population to 600 million by 2020, a senior national political adviser said.

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