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2 punished for poor governance

[2017-02-09 05:33]

Two former top officials with the Ministry of Civil Affairs have received disciplinary punishments including demotion and early retirement for failing to supervise subordinates, China's top graft watchdog said on Wednesday.

China vows to continue surrogacy crackdown

[2017-02-08 18:57]

China will continue to crack down on the practice of surrogacy, banning medical institutions and professionals from performing surrogate techniques of any kind, the National Health and Family Planning Commission said Wednesday.

Judges to receive better protection

[2017-02-08 07:51]

China's top court issued a guideline on Tuesday aimed at severely punishing those who disturb judicial work or take revenge on legal officers, after a grassroots judge was killed by one of his litigants at the end of last month.

Beijing and Canberra to upgrade economic relations, diversify trade

[2017-02-08 07:01]

China and Australia agreed to upgrade economic cooperation and diversify trade amid the turmoil and fears raised by growing protectionist sentiment.

Belt & Road opens new era for China-Sri Lanka cooperation

[2017-02-07 19:44]

The Beijing-proposed Belt and Road Initiative will open up a new era for Sri Lanka-China cooperation, Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena said on Tuesday.

China to complete drawing ecological 'red line' by 2020

[2017-02-07 18:33]

The central authorities on Tuesday issued guidelines on an ecological "red line" that will declare certain regions under mandatory and rigorous protection.

Government websites improve information disclosure

[2017-02-07 17:53]

Government websites improved information disclosure on significant policies in the fourth quarter last year, according to a notice released by the State Council on Tuesday.

China moves to revitalize 'time-honored brands'

[2017-02-07 17:18]

China will increase policy support for its century-old traditional brands as many of them are struggling amid a rapidly changing domestic market.

China to create more than 50 million jobs by 2020

[2017-02-07 11:11]

China plans to create more than 50 million jobs in urban areas during the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20) while curbing the urban registered unemployment rate to within 5 percent, according to the 13th Five-Year Plan on employment released by the State Council on Monday.

Rural areas get backing to improve infrastructure

[2017-02-07 06:53]

China is to invest 3.4 trillion yuan ($495 billion) over the next four years to improve infrastructure in rural areas, including water supplies, roads and power supplies, as the government seeks to boost incomes and encourage startups.

Foreign Ministry pushing for veteran to come home

[2017-02-06 21:40]

China's embassy in India has pushed India to complete entry and exit procedures in time for a Chinese veteran who has spent more than 50 years there to visit his family in China, Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said today.

China's population to reach 1.42 billion by 2020

[2017-02-06 20:38]

China's population is expected to reach about 1.42 billion by 2020, according to the National Health and Family Planning Commission.

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