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China issues regulation on online news service

[2017-05-03 09:55]

Cooperation between Chinese online news service providers and entities with foreign investment should go through a security review, according to a regulation released Tuesday.

Laos tells Belt and Road story in rock 'n' roll

[2017-05-03 07:33]

A rock tune in the Laotian language has become an unconventional, attention-grabbing way to tell people about the benefits of the Belt and Road Initiative.

South China Sea issue grows 'positive'

[2017-05-03 07:33]

The situation in the South China Sea issue has cooled down and the issue "is developing in a positive way", the Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday.

Former vice-governor of Anhui expelled

[2017-05-03 07:36]

Chen Shulong, former vice-governor of Anhui province, has been removed from public posts and expelled from the Communist Party of China after a corruption probe.

Book details Tokyo Trial, keeping memory of postwar tribunal alive

[2017-05-03 07:02]

A book outlining the history of tribunals for accused Japanese war criminals, and its far-reaching impact, made its debut in Shanghai on Tuesday.

New rules will keep patients' info secret

[2017-05-03 03:54]

As more hospitals mine big data to improve services and tackle illnesses, the central government has vowed to safeguard patients' personal information with a new regulation on how this data can be collected, stored and used.

China welcomes ASEAN summit statement

[2017-05-02 19:33]

China on Tuesday welcomed a statement from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit and reaffirmed cooperation with ASEAN on the South China Sea issue.

Ministry calls on the US and DPRK to be constructive

[2017-05-02 17:53]

The Foreign Ministry urged the United States and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea on Tuesday to make constructive efforts for the peaceful resolution of the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue.

Former vice Anhui governor expelled from CPC, public office

[2017-05-02 14:07]

Chen Shulong, former vice governor of east China's Anhui Province, has been expelled from the Communist Party of China (CPC) and dismissed from public office for actions including "superstitious activities" and trading power for sex, an official statement said Tuesday.

Reforms crucial for the Chinese Dream

[2017-05-02 01:57]

Deepening of positive change is part of blueprint drawn up by President Xi Jinping to help the people and the nation realize aspirations.

Chinese ships pay visit to Philippines

[2017-05-02 07:15]

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte visited Chinese warships docked in his hometown on Monday, Xinhua News Agency reported.

Insurance move gives farmers a harvest of renewed hope

[2017-05-02 07:17]

As a traditional Chinese saying goes, "Farmers mainly depend on heaven or the weather for food."

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