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Vancouver property developer identified
as Chinese fugitive: report

[2015-04-30 11:49]

A prominent property developer in Vancouver, Canada, has been identified as a high-profile Chinese economic fugitive wanted by the Interpol.

China tells Philippines, Vietnam to cease intrusive action at sea

[2015-04-30 09:59]

China told the Philippines and Vietnam on Wednesday to halt all intrusive action on China-owned islands in the South China Sea, following its rejection of concerns voiced by ASEAN.

Premier urges more medical reforms

[2015-04-30 09:38]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has called for more medical reform measures to overcome difficulties in the healthcare system.

Prosecutors asked to intensify hunt for corruption

[2015-04-29 21:25]

National prosecutors have been asked to intensify efforts to hunt those who offer bribes to government officials, a move to facilitate the country’s sweeping campaign on corruption.

China to send more engineering troops to Lebanon

[2015-04-29 20:23]

The Chinese government is to send an additional 200-strong construction engineering team to Lebanon in late May at the request of UN, according to the Ministry of Defense.

Cases to be chosen as guide for judges' tough decisions

[2015-04-29 08:01]

Some guidance that issued by China's top court, using specific cases to advise grassroots courts can help bring credibility to verdicts, experts say.

Xi: Nation must value hard work

[2015-04-29 07:34]

President Xi Jinping urged the country on Tuesday to value hard work and innovation, and to teach children to do the same.

No hiding place overseas for fugitive officials

[2015-04-29 07:22]

China's anti-graft authorities have gone on the offensive in the fight against corrupt individuals who flee the country to avoid arrest.

Revision clears way for administrative suits

[2015-04-28 07:18]

Administrative proceedings have seen a rapid increase in the first quarter of this year, surpassing the total for 2014, and are expected to increase further after the implementation on Friday of a revised system for lawsuit registration, according to a senior judge.

Watchdog says Sinopec chief faces investigation

[2015-04-28 07:20]

Wang Tianpu, president of Asia's biggest crude oil refiner, is under investigation for suspected "serious disciplinary violations".

61 suspects back home to be tried

[2015-04-28 07:12]

Chinese prosecutors have brought back 61 suspects accused of corruption from 20 countries and regions, the top prosecution body said on Monday.

Xi's remarks on advancing rule of law published

[2015-04-28 06:52]

A compilation of selected remarks by Chinese President Xi Jinping on comprehensively advancing the rule of law has been published.

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