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Average air pollution reduced in 74 monitored cities

[2015-02-13 16:08]

Among the 74 cities monitored for implementing the new air quality standards, the levels of PM 2.5 were cut by 11.1 percent on average in 2014.

China plans quality growth, anti-graft drive in 2015

[2015-02-13 07:31]

China will focus on improving economic quality in 2015 and adapt itself to slower growth against global economic headwinds.

Xi celebrates Spring Festival with non-communist figures

[2015-02-13 07:23]

President Xi Jinping celebrated the upcoming Spring Festival with non-Communist figures Thursday, stressing development of a consultative democracy.

Chinese, Greek heads of gov't discuss bilateral cooperation

[2015-02-12 21:14]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras vowed Wednesday to further advance the friendly ties and win-win cooperation between their countries during a telephone conversation.

Spending on defense less than global average: spokeswoman

[2015-02-12 18:46]

China's defense expenditure as a proportion of GDP was less than the global average in 2014, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said.

Ex-official gave family 42 houses, watchdog says

[2015-02-12 16:48]

A former senior official who was recently investigated for corruption was found to have purchased 42 houses for family members in the Shenzhen special economic zone, according to an official from the Guangdong provincial Party Commission of Discipline Inspection.

Nation to lift quality standards

[2015-02-12 07:36]

China is allowing foreign-owned businesses to play a greater role in defining the standards of industries within the country, a move experts said demonstrates Beijing's determination to ensure product quality and reassure consumers both here and abroad.

Chinese navy officers find value in US visit

[2015-02-12 07:36]

Last week's visit to the United States by officers of the Chinese navy will deepen mutual understanding and help reduce misunderstandings and misjudgments at sea, delegation members told China Daily.

PLA to get sweeping audit to root out problems

[2015-02-12 07:36]

The Chinese military is gearing up for a sweeping audit of its income and expenditures over the past two years in a search for financial irregularities.

A symbol is chosen

[2015-02-12 07:36]

More than 700 designers, cultural researchers, officials, overseas visitors and journalists gathered at the Great Hall of the People on Wednesday to witness the unveiling of the newly designated Spring Festival Symbol - a Chinese knot in the shape of the character chun, meaning spring, embedded with another character, fu, meaning blessing.

CCDI to probe 26 SOEs

[2015-02-12 06:20]

China's powerful Central Commission for Discipline Inspection pledged on Wednesday to direct the country's anti-graft campaign toward China's large State-owned enterprises.

Top procuratorate exposes science related corruption

[2015-02-11 20:34]

China's top procuratorate has announced that 67 people working in the science sector have been investigated for bribes and embezzlement of science funds over two years ending in December 2014.

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