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Former vice mayor in Guangdong detained over bribery

[2014-01-10 23:31]

A former vice mayor of a south China city has been detained for allegedly taking bribes, local prosecutors said Friday.

China refutes US criticism on South China Sea fishing rules

[2014-01-10 20:37]

China on Friday voiced "discontent and opposition" to US criticism on China's new fishing rules in the South China Sea, urging the country not to send wrong signals.

Be alert to US hidden agenda in South China Sea

[2014-01-10 20:36]

Countries around the South China Sea should have clear vision when it comes to the US strategy of hyping up issues in the region, and return to the path of direct friendly consultations.

Japanese biological warfare crimes documented

[2014-01-10 20:34]

Wartime documents have revealed evidence of Japanese biological warfare crimes and atrocities committed by Japanese Unit 731 during World War II.

Judge sacked over extramarital affair

[2014-01-10 13:49]

A senior judge in Central China's Hubei Province has been sacked over his extramarital affair, the Hubei Provincial Higher People's Court said Friday.

Li tells auditors to help curb graft

[2014-01-10 01:07]

Premier Li Keqiang urged audit agencies on Thursday to play a major role in boosting clean governance and preventing financial risks.

Fishing rules are 'normal practice'

[2014-01-10 00:38]

Hainan province's demand that foreign fishing vessels entering its waters seek China's approval is a normal practice, the Foreign Ministry said on Thursday.

Online game hits back at official corruption

[2014-01-10 00:29]

An online game named “Beating Corruption”, released through the micro blog account of People’s Daily Online, has drawn mixed reviews from netizens since it was launched on Thursday.

Chinese provincial official removed from post

[2014-01-10 00:14]

Guo Youming, vice-governor of Central China's Hubei province, was removed from his post on Thursday at the 7th session of the Standing Committee of the 12th Provincial People's Congress.

Chinese premier stresses public fund auditing

[2014-01-09 21:08]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has urged audit authorities to improve supervision over the use of public money, such as cash earmarked for enhancing people's livelihood.

China, Vietnam launch consultations on sea development

[2014-01-09 20:35]

China and Vietnam have launched their first round of consultations on joint development of maritime resources.

Syria issue can only be resolved politically

[2014-01-09 17:22]

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said the Syria issue can only be resolved politically and "there can be no other way," according to a news release.

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