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Newer webcams safe, maker says

[2016-10-27 08:11]

A Chinese electronics company whose devices were linked to a massive cyberattack on Friday in the United States has assured the public that there is a low possibility of similar cases using its upgraded gadgets elsewhere in its market.

China to strengthen Party building in Internet enterprises

[2016-10-27 08:14]

A Chinese cyberspace official on Wednesday called for Communist Party of China (CPC) organizations in Internet enterprises to be improved.

Breakthrough agreement signals harder stance

[2016-10-27 07:28]

The bilateral treaty signed by China and Canada to facilitate the recovery of assets salted away overseas by corrupt officials or businesspeople is the first of its kind between the People's Republic and a Western country, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Top suspect willing to return and face the music

[2016-10-27 07:25]

One of China's most-wanted fugitives will return from New Zealand to stand trial, according to the authorities.

Authorities strengthen efforts to recover stolen assets overseas

[2016-10-27 07:16]

The government is stepping up efforts to recover billions of yuan in assets illegally transferred overseas by corrupt officials via money laundering platforms and underground banks.

Number of beds, midwives must meet new demand

[2016-10-26 06:54]

China will increase the number of beds in obstetrics units and train more midwives to meet the rapidly growing demand for maternal services resulting from the universal second-child policy.

Returnees from overseas confess to crimes

[2016-10-26 06:54]

Editor's note: Corruption Fight Is Always Underway, a documentary produced by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and CCTV, continues to broadcast the stories of former senior officials accused of corruption during the country's anti-graft drive. The series, which began on Monday last week, consists of eight episodes over nine days (Saturday was excluded) at 8 pm on CCTV-1. The interviews were conducted while the former officials were detained, but before any court action.

Two ex-officials face charges

[2016-10-26 06:54]

Lyu Xiwen, former deputy Party chief in Beijing, has been charged with accepting bribes by a prosecuting department in Northeast China's Jilin province, according to the Supreme People's Procuratorate on Tuesday.

US aids hunt for fugitives

[2016-10-26 06:54]

China and the United States will improve anti-corruption law enforcement cooperation to aid criminal investigations and the repatriation of fugitives, according to Chinese authorities.

Balanced coverage of China-Japan relations 'needed' for better understanding

[2016-10-26 06:54]

Balanced, comprehensive and sensible coverage of China-Japan relations is needed, according to senior media professionals from the two countries who attended a forum in Tokyo on Monday and Tuesday.

Nation takes 5 spots on financial tech top 10

[2016-10-26 06:26]

China cemented its status as a leading international force in financial technology services this year, claiming five of the top 10 spots in the annual list of the world's major companies in the sector.

Steps taken to 'speed up' corrupt fugitives' return

[2016-10-26 01:36]

Chinese and US judicial authorities have been speeding up negotiations on returning 5 most-wanted corrupt Chinese officials to face trial at home.

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